Friday, August 31, 2007

New ban list to be activated!

Alrite noobs and pros. Whatever category you're in, its finally time for the new ban list to be activated. No more gadgets flying all over the place, our main mechanism for draw games has disappeared again, namely d ring, alot lesser getting killed by your own monsters (whoopee!), and what should also be lesser of first turn d draw, major loading of grave, etc etc stuff. (Noooo, my card gunners............)

Whats coming up? Well, here's a couple of my guessing on the latest metagames to come.

LADD varients!
This big dragon is still here to stay, though it should be built quite differently now. Some people will probably try and stick to the d hero edition, but with diabolic crippled, dash guy just doesnt cut it. Some decks have appeared using evil heroes instead, namely Malicious edge to just drill through, when their ladd dies, they just carry on drilling away. Not a bad tactic to punish all the frog users, and with Hell brat coming up (Dun know what this is? Go read nub!), Evil hero may just fit into the LADD quite nicely?

Big babboon burn mixes!
Well, all the main combinations for this deck has been hardly touched at all so this deck will probably be here to stay. Its just not such a often seen deck just cause not much people have the green babboon but its still a strong deck that works, so what the heck.

The usual Monarch mix!
3 Raizas are here to stay for another few months, though there is no more imbal leet like theft your monster, bounce your face down monsters, and hit direct, blah, at least not that much, but hey, its still a too strong monster. I've heard of people mixing in the raizas with the above 2 other decks, but I should probably see the usual raiza + zaborg + other monarchs coming back again. Zaborg especially since there will be more face downs and less theft/brain control to play around with.

Noob beatdown!
Yes, I did forget about this one, for the guys reading the tag area. But it was so obvious that I didn't even think about it. Well, in an era with minimal earth smash/fissure/brain control, the obvious deck that will come to mind will be a variation of the old cy-cal-gorz. (Dun know what is this? You must have been sleeping a year ago) With rai-ou joining in and DD Assailant back at 3, a very plain boring idea comes to mind. 3 Cydras + 3 Rai-ous + 3 DCK + 3 DD Assailant, and add in a slight touch of 2 Jinzos + 2 Genocides. Thats about half the deck there already and from what you can see, it purely concentrates on 1900 goodness with a pure fighting force. However, another "rich man" deck, cause 3 rai ous, 3 DCK, and 3 assailants makes it abit of a high priced deck, so not much people will have all the resources for it. But those with it? Be prepared to see variatioins of this one coming up in the next few Japanese champion deck lists. Rich net deckers should be happy!

And finally, Machine remix!
2 versions will probably dominate the machine varients. 1 will be the deck which I just built, look below. Well, not the deck maybe but the combo of proto + dna is really abit imbal at the moment. The 2nd version will be standard beatdown with your dekoichis and your cyber phoenix, just to slowly gain advantage on field, and hand at the same time.

Other not so main decks!
Gladier beast is still a good deck, no matter what Darius says. Though of course, lesser brain controls and earth smashes makes alexander not that powerful anymore since most people will be using monsters and traps to kill monsters now anyway. And with 2 royal palaces, it will be that much harder to produce the lock, which is the same situation for the Horus decks at the moment. But still, the instant gaining of field presence and mad lp rush from a simple rescue cat + forced rotation combo cannot be looked down upon. For info, go to the archives to look on my GLAS review for the imbal dmg and field calculations.

Crystal Beast maybe? With the duelist pack coming in less then 2 months, and the current massive spamming you can possibly get from using counter gem, the possibilies are endless. Even without the new rainbow dragon, you could probably just open this trap card during your turn, then use gem abundunce/rainbow ruins, its a simple 2 card otk possibility from easy field spamming. Not sure how my above combo works? Go work out those flacid brain muscles of yours.

Anywayz, this are just my guesses, dun quote me for anything your friend asks you if I'm wrong, but do give me credit if I'm right! Dai-Ma-Cy-Ou deserves to be honoured and revered!


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