Monday, August 13, 2007

Speculation of banlist (01/09/2007)

it's Monday!!! Time for new post.

Note the word Speculation. Don't go all excited please. The official one would be released next week with the release of V Jump on the 21/9 (and Fortress Dragon!!111)


Yomi frog
Too much abuse...
N Gran Mole
Eh this disgusting thing has a Yata feel to it.
Snatch Steal
Anything from old banlist don't need to be explained. I like this card alot though =(
Destruction Ring
Nothing much to comment... Same and Snatch Steal

Restrict to 1:

No more Saint Magician, no more TES, dunno wtf is it doing inside..
Light and Darkness Dragon
Everyone's Beloved.
Wind Emperor Rizer
Probably the only Emperor to be restricted. Super strong effect.
Card Gunner
Looking at how everyone is using Machine Duplication and abuse.

Gravekeeper Spy
Blame Emperors again!
Ultimate Sealed God Exodios
Yesh I know it's still new but still pretty strong. Not referring to the win condition btw.
Easy summon of fusion. Too easy...
Smashing Ground/Shrink/Reactive Armor
Unlikely, but when every beatdown deck packs 3...
Brain Control
I can't blame the Emperors, I blame how easy it is to summon them.
Advanced Ritual Technique
Demise, and using demise repeatedly is....
Dust Chute
Eh seeing opponent hand is gay.
Wall of Revealing Light
Stalling is gay.

Restrict to 2

Zombie master
I don't really see alot of Japanese or locals playing this, but self revive x3 is pretty gay.

Protector of the Sanctuary
My comments will be simple, who the hell uses 3.
D.D Assailant
EE4 is coming lalala... I'm sure Konami would like more sales =P
Apprentice Magician
2 or 3 doesn't really matter does it...

Removed Wall of Revealing Light and added it to R to 1. What was I thinking, Stalling is bad!


I'm abit biased, anything that's OTK components should be restricted =P Of course there are exceptions like when everyone is playing the same deck, obviously that card is not balanced. Think I put too many cards under the Restrict to 1 list lol.

It's really hard to tell what will be rotated out from the banlist. After all, they are inside for a reason. There really is nothing much to change. This banlist is boring. Always Emperor, LADD, random OTK decks. They should unban somethings to make it exciting. See how they unrestricted Lily and Nepthys, but I don't see anyone using 3 in the end lol.

Cards like Gadgets will probably be forever unrestricted. After LADD is restricted, everyone would probably revert back to gadgets. I dont't know how much effect Raiou is gonna have on Gadgets but I suspect it will be minimal. Smashing Ground/ Fissure put in the deck like free, you think Raiou will be around? lol.

Now what should I do with my Darkness Absorbing Magic Mirrors after LADD is gone... Next set please.

Update: Added more stuff that I'm unhappy about lol.


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