Thursday, August 9, 2007

Today's Outing + Clarification of Raiou effect.

And today went out and collect my Raiou. Even though I have previously stated that Raiou is not that good lol.

Side track mode: Dueling Days Quiz 01b.


Question: How tall is DSummon in terms of GX comics!!


Answer: Here
This is photoshopped btw


Part 2 of post, don't wanna create a new post.

I shall clarify a few things, I will divide the effect for easier understanding.


When this card is face up on your side of the field, both player can only add cards to the hand by drawing from the deck.

This is a continuous effect.
Simply put, any effect that causes cards to go to your hand from your deck and is not by drawing is negated. Simple term would be "to search" but there are other cards that go to your hand that is not by drawing or "searching".

- Thunder Dragon
- Gadget series
- Airman
- Volcanic Bullet
- Goblin Zombie
- Sangan
- Senjyu/Manjyu God
- Crystal Fortune Teller *
- Magical Merchant *
- Cyber Jar *
- Painful Choice *
- Reinforcement of the Army
- Summoner's Skill
- Flute of Kuriboh
- Terra Forming
- Toon Index

* examples of cards added to hand by non searching/non drawing.

The list is getting pretty long, you more or less get the idea lah ok.
As long a card from your deck fly from you hand and it's not by drawing = throw away thanks. (By this I meant negated, not everything I say is to be taken literally)


Also, you may send this card face up on the field to the grave to negate a special summon of one of your opponent's monster and destroy it.

Please note that this is worded differently from Royal Oppresion. Royal Oppresion has "negate a special summon or a card that special summons" So, this obviously cannot negate a card that special summons a monster, it can only negate the special summon itself.
This is a trigger effect. It can only negate special summon that doesn't use the chain block. Please don't start by asking me what a Chain Block is.

Example of monster special summon that doesn't use the chain block.
- Cyber Dragon, Fiend Gigacyber
- D Hero Bloo-D
- "Remove xxx to special summon this card" kind of monsters
- Exodios

To put it as simple as possible, I give you this very easy-to-remember guideline.

"Any special summon effect that I cannot negate using Divine Wrath, I can use Raiou!"

Now let's test how true is this.
- Cyber Dragon ()
- Bloo-D ()
- Chaos Sorcerer! ()

= Can't be Divine wrath, can be Raiou.

Yay my theory is correct. I feel like a maths professor now =/
Yes I know I'm repeating myself, but there's only this much example... Which lowers the rating of this card even more lol...

Examples of what you cannot negate with Raiou.
- Phoenix of Nepthys revive effect.
- Vampire Lord revive effect.
- Hihi surprise! I cannot Raiou a Gorz!
- Suprise part 2!! LADD special summon effect belongs here too!
- The list is gonna be long again...
Btw these examples are those that you can use Divine Wrath to negate. =D


I know it's a super long post and some confusion somewhere but I hope this article had helped. I already simplify to the max liao.

In the end, this is just the opposite of Death Calibur Knight. Death Calibur can negate LADD,Gorz and so on but not Cyber Dragon and friends. Which is better? You decide.

Btw my reference is the Japanese Expert Rules Site. You may follow the link provided on the left. What I have here is basically a summarised version and remixed with my crap.

Please note: Please tell me if there is any mistake. Don't be shy.


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