Friday, August 17, 2007

DS shot at banlist

Alright, finally time for me to give a shot at the ban list. Again, note this is a speculation so don't get any ideas. But, I figure mine is a pretty good guess anyway, so, why not?


Yomi Frog - When metagame has 14 tribute monster deck that makes top 8, duh???
Theft - The usual in and out
D Ring - The same for my favourite wedding ring
Gorz - Well, most things that go banned always are restrict to 1 first then ban. This thing just promotes sitting there and doing nothing and just wait for opponent to touch you. Totally?!?!?
Dandelion - Well, only 50% of it going. Snipe hunter summon, drop dande destroy trap, summon 2 tokens, bloo-d. Hmmm, not a super strong combo, but it works? Or just for monarchs anyway


Last will - Nothing left for it, really? What can you get out? Plus with frog gone, no abuse?
Trap Dustshoot - See hand for free is gay, enough said.
Brain Control - Too many monarchs flying around should finally wake konami up hopefully.
Metamorphesis - Demise bomb, diabolic remove, blah blah, duh
Reinforcement - Abit too many Airman easy flying around, plus really too many warrior decks?
Raiza - You can anyhow target any card depending on situation. Therefore, must die.
Smashing Ground - In 1 month we will see 5000 gadget decks, so........
LADD - Imbalance effect * 2, enough said
Gravekeeper spy - 2k wall * 2 for no investment. Enough said.
Instant Fusion - Read Below
TES - About time this guy's turn to come back, and with no frog to morph, and only 1 instant fusion, I would say its pretty alright?


Twin Headed Behemoth - Its really no longer strong, and helps promote playing cyber dark deck which is still not popular. Maybe?
Hurricane - LOL, I would like this to come back, but seriously, why not? It was just removed as a free gift along with franken to begin with, but as long as franken remains gone........
Card Gunner - I will say 2, just so that there is no longer a 2 for 3, and at 2, UDE noobs will prob stop playing machine dup anyway. Which without, card gunner is not very strong seriously?
Destiny Draw - Reinforce, summon airman, search diabolic, d draw = Reduce deck size by 4???Zombie Master - I have to agree with baha on this one. Spam field for 0 investment, again, LOL


Wall Of Revealing Light - No more last battle, no reason even for 1?
Golden Chest of Sealing - 3 for what? So that when you're losing, you draw your last card and see gold???

Edit: Forgot about kawaii mei mei so.... If golden chest really is 3, I would say prob kawaii mei mei necroface will go to 1 bah. No imbalance gaining 10k lp on first turn pls, even 5k is god alr.

And finally, stuff on my wish/not so possible list of course
Future Fusion to 2! - More roid deck fun, overload remain 1 is fine
Franken 1 - Duh, but lower then 1% chance bah
Scientist 1 - Support banana family! May restrict turtle to 1, and last will remain ban?
Jinzo 2 - Well, I dun think even I will play 2, and not much trap in the market save for slow and sianz gadget. Why not have some fun? LOL
Grandmole 0 - Too irritating, I'm sure everyone has gotten it quite a few times before alr
Airman 0 - 1800, reinforcement searchable, 2 extremely strong effects, and baha loves it, therefore, it must ban! LOL
DDV 0 - Super airman searches disk guy, use for ddv, next turn early burial blah blah, too game leading lor. The ddv is practically a he mu + see hand + discard hand at same time. All for 2 cards?
And finally.... LIMIT BREAK TO 3!!!!!!!!!

Well, my extra wish on ban list aside, this ban list has been pretty ladd and monarch and d hero consisting of the entire game. As to what will come out of the ban list, something strange always appears and goes in, so nothing new, like back when black hole came out and all that. So don't ask us even what ban card will come out besides what we mention. Just slap yourself, really.

Gadgets as we all agree, will remain untouched. No purpose to restrict to 2 set, too crap to restrict to 1, plus exodios will be there to refill deck anyway. So the only thing is for pple to play 3 rai-ou (Hi I got 3 for sale who wanna buy?), and pray konami really does something to earth smash. Though it wun really matter. Gadget can just play hammer shoot and stuff, since all their monsters are dirt small anyway.

As for monarchs, raiza is the only main irritating thing. Esp when you just need your monster to die like critter to search, and monsters for avarice, the list just goes on. This raiza, not only removes it as a 1 for 1, but it spoils every single darn plan. With it down sized, it should be abit more fun.

And finally LADD to 1, and hopefully gorz to 0. No more imbalance waiting for gorz to appear, then just sac 2. Hopefully alot lesser of diabolic remove, early burial disk guy, sac 2 for ladd, blah blah, ladd die, disk guy draw 2 again. Very boring leh!!! More variation lah?

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