Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cyber Evolution Deck!!!

Hello boys & girls, here is my new deck for this upcoming ban list, which I have thought of the name abit, and I think I will call it the Cyber Evolution deck. As usual, here is the deck list before I go on to describing the deck abit further.

[Monster] =16

[3] Cyber Dragon
[3] Proto Cyber Dragon
[3] Reflect Bounder
[2] Antique Gear Cannon
[1] Cyber Phoenix
[1] Card Gunner
[1] Light Fusion Hex Seal
[1] Snipe Hunter
[1] Critter


[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Cyclone
[3] Power Bond
[1] Sealing Swords Of Light
[1] Double Summon
[1] Early Burial
[2] Genocide
[1] Instant Fusion
[1] Future Fusion
[1] Overload Fusion
[1] Megamorph
[1] Limit Break
[1] Meteor Bow


[1] Cry Of Living Dead
[1] Peace Treaty
[1] Tidal Wave
[3] DNA Surgery

Well, from what you guys can see here, this is more of a beatdown mixed with combo deck rather then a pure combo based deck. I'm sure some of you guys reading this saw me tinkering around with the deck yesterday, which had machine duplications, cyber scouters and all that, but in the end, this is the one I am most satisfied with.

Basic combo, will be to use DNA surgery to change all monsters on field to machine types, summon 1 proto cyber dragon, and basically get to do a free lightning vortex on the opponent, as well as up size my proto cyber dragon to a minimum of 2k attack at the same time. 2k can fall to cyber dragon easily as many people may point out, but heck, my deck is filled with machines. If they even summon out the cydra, it will just fall as easily the next turn, so why not? The main reason sealing swords and peace treaty in this deck is not for the hum, or for the burn, though they are nice bonuses. Its more to just get everything face up to feed my chimeratech fortress, hmmm. Food for thought. Anywayz, in this deck, there is only 1 nice combo to remember.

DNA Surgery + Proto Cyber Dragon = Lightning Vortex + Nice big monster!

Now I will just address a few small concerns people will have on my selections. Why reflect bounder as my main fighter? I put reflect bounder aside when there was previously too many earth smash and fissure going around along with gadget decks as it was no longer effective, but now its making a come back for me. People will be forced to either attack into it, or waste their single copies of earth smash and stuff to kill it, leaving my Chimeratech Fortress safe. Not to mention 1700 is good to kill all the breakers I'm gonna see soon, and people will waste traps on it, so, why not?

Antique gear cannons are there to provide protection against all the traps which you can see out there which are sure to rise, as I will not be able to play royal palace in this deck that much. Not to mention the bit of burn damage, so, its not bad? From testing it out yesterday, I got hit next to 0 mirror forces and the usual reactive traps yesterday. They work pretty well with tidal wave anyway, especially against all the XXX LADD.

And finally for the magic side, double summon serves basically to either double summon 2 proto cydra for powerbonds, or maybe 1 proto and 1 antique gear cannon/snipe hunter for obvious reasons. Be it powerbond or calling chimeratech fortress, the protection is there against traps. Meteor bow? I just like to use it for my cyber twin dragons which either through powerbond or a pre used megamorph/limit break, get to do 4600 * 2 for direct damage otk. Abit of personal preference, heh. Just like the instant fusion, so far, it has only 2 jobs, 1 for tidal wave, and 2 for a even bigger fortress for the kill. Its in the deck, just for that bit of suprise factor, haha.

In conclusion, this deck probably still needs some fine-tuning here and there. Even as typing it out here, I was playing around with it and making small changes here and there. But hey, the main bulk of the deck is there already, its turning out pretty fine, and I'm having fun playing it! All in all, after testing around, this is a pretty stable and fun to play deck with its fair share of combos, so why not try it out?


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