Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gadgets: The end?

Well today I'm gonna just write out several things about gadgets in regards to the latest banlist. As usual these are just my thoughts and are not necessarily true.

Let's start out with their restriction to 2. I think it's quite a stupid thing to do considering two sets is still playable. And for myself, I only use two sets so it's really isn't a big deal.

Now come the real kicker. Fissure and Smashing Grounds are both restricted to 1. Yes there'll be people telling me that there is Hammer Shot and whatever you people can think of but it is not as good as the 2 restricted ones. This really hurts the gadgets as they are like really small and the natural (and some might say noobish) thing to do is:
1) Summon Gadget (and search)
2) Play Smashing/Fissure
3) Directo attack!
4) Cover a defensive card

It's a Vicious cycle =(

The next thing that actually adds salt to the wound is placing Shocker into R to 2 spot. With less monster removal spells, you thought it would be cool to add more traps. But with 2 Shockers, that doesn't look like a very bright choice. Vortex x3 anyone?

And to add additional salt to the already salt covered wound and rubbing it all over! The release of Chimeratech Fortress Dragon. This is like having a Black Hole just for Gadgets. It completely prevents the gadgets from summoning Cydra + a Gadget. It's like automatic card lost.

If he does summon the above combo, he can either:
1) summon his own Fortress after that (which is retarded btw, 2000 is not that hard to kill)
2) let me summon Fortress with HIS materials (cheers he lost 2 cards for nothing)

So, was the restriction of Gadgets even needed? Konami is damn poison. Wanna kill, kill all the way.

Well you don't have to take all the above things negatively. Restriction of gadgets? Good I wont have all gadget hand again! Shocker to 2? Good I can use 2 Shockers as well! Fortress? dont summon cydra and summon it at the end when you already have 4 gadgets! and so on...

Well good luck to the gadget players, don't give up! I used to like gadgets... till every single damn person is playing it..


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