Sunday, July 22, 2007

Short GLAS Combo

Uhm, I am not DS so I dont do OTK combos. Instead, I would do combos where it involves infinity, locks and bug attacks lol.

So here we go Infinity combo!

Recipe: Exodios, Broken Bamboo Sword, Soul Absorbing Bamboo Sword, Black Scorpion Runaway Chik.
1) Use Chik to keep bouncing the Continuous Magic
2) repeat till happy
3) Exodios is big
4) point and laugh.

Anyway this is just short combo, how you wanna make this into a playable deck, up to you lol.

Another way is using Abyss Soldier and Ocean... Which I think will make into a decent water deck =)

Btw I shouldn't post this (I'm so ashamed!) but whatever, my water deck got raped by Weifeng's E Hero deck T_T Must fix the bloody water deck liaoz =(


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