Friday, July 20, 2007

Review for GLAS

Uhm I just cut short. It's full of crap. Reasons??
- Too many Anime stuff (roids, cloudians, E Heroes... uhm what's new..)
- Too many themed crap that I have no intention of ever playing (Six Samurai, Aliens, Dual Monsters...)

Gladial Beast is actually cool, but DS ruined it.... So it goes into the second category above. I blame you DS.

But because I believe Konami always likes to give us at least something usable in every set, I looked through the translation files like.... really many times. It was after I saw Gondora's scan in DMComet, that very huge image hit me (literally covering half the screen)

And thus I present to you the best card to use to own the current boring Singapore Metagame! It's ok, you can all thank me later. (I'm talking about Raida + D Hero nonsense in case you have no idea)

*Drum Roll!*

Oh my F**king god!! What is this Ugly picture???

Darkness Absorbing Magic Mirror
Trap - Continuous
When this card is face-up on the field, the effect of Dark attribute monster activated in Graveyard or on the field are negated.

Now can you see why this ugly thing is imbalance? No? Read along...

It pwns 90% of the monsters in a typical Destiny Raida deck.

- Diabolic Guy?? roflmao
- Disk Guy?? hahahahaha
- Doom Guy?? wtfnublol
- Defend Guy!?... Sadly this is the only thing I can't laugh about.. I wanna draw cards =(
- LaDD?? never heard before!! (btw whoever come msg me say LADD is not dark, you ought to be slapped or you may slap yourself, don't even argue "but it is light wat!!" No really, slap yourself again)

As you can see, not only it pwns the main monster, it pwns the whole deck engine. The only way to save you? Side deck 3 Twister just like me (*ding ding* side promotion event! Btw who called me nub when I used Twister? F*K you!!)

Other ways to save yourself includes the usual Emperor line up, Raizer/Mobius will still pwn... and Dark Emperor aka Jinzo will pwn this too. And a "well timed" Heavy Storm too.... *in case you dunno, "" denotes top decking*

But still, it is still useful to fight other decks too. We all know Dark is really such a powerful and gay attribute. It also stop other general stuff such as...

- Gorz (hi bitch, say hi to no burn and no token)
- Killer Tomato
- Sangan
- Giant Virus
- Blah, too long too list, I dunno what the hell you crazy kids put in your deck nowadays....

In conclusion, I'm gonna get 3 pieces of this and reserve 3 spots in my side deck. Sadly they should've printed one for Earth attribute too, then we can screw Gadgets as well.


End Notes: The above are entirely my thoughts. Readers may agree/disagree.

PS: I can't help but notice the the guy in the tagboard is asking for DS' Malicious Edge. Here's a simple guideline.

- For any general enquiry or worshipping of me, yes you may email me at bahamut84(at)hotmail(dot)com. No replies guaranteed.

- For any complains, card trading, "friend" chat, or anything else that doesn't even matter or concern me, please drop an email at izzit84(at)hotmai(dot)com.

PS yet again: No I wasn't drunk as I type the above post.


Morning Edit: hi again....

- For any general enquiry, questions and pls, no rubbish. You can email at the above emails or add us on msn. I have strict filtering though. My mom told me not to chat with strangers... >=D
- Minor edits to post due to R contents.. now it's PG jsut like Duel Society!! T_T


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