Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dual Monsters ruling

Uhm yah I know this is long overdue but since there are more and more Dual supports I decided to dig up abit. Noob me, it was on the Expert Rules site for quite long just that I never notice lol.

Dual With Equipment cards/Card effects affecting Dual

- Power of unity: When re-summoned, equipment doesnt come off.

- Premature Burial: Since equipment doesn't come off, the "when this card is destroyed, monster is also destroyed" still takes effect.

- Necklace of something something: Since the effect states that u can only attach to normal monster, after dual summon it becomes effect monster, so the equipment target is invalid and so it drops off.

- Call of the Haunted: Not equipment but still stays *attached* to the monster. So Call leaves, so is monster. Same for Nightmare Torture Wheel thing thing.

- Silent Dead: CANNOT attack =/

So from the Silent Dead example, I would assume Swing of Memories doesn't destroy it at the end of turn.
Edit: yesh I was too excited, turns out I read wrong. Blame DS btw to those who wanna play Dual and are now disappointed lol. Apologies for misunderstanding and disappointment =X
More ruling can be found here:

Hi DS, pass me your 2 copies of Swing, I got my 1 today. Special thanks to Eddy's gay luck.

It's time to D-D-D-Dual!!! *lame*


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