Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gay combo!!!! GLAS imbalance????

Well now, lets first talk about my pack opening experience. I opened 12 packs, and with some luck, I managed to 5 foils in total within the 12 packs. However, I did not get a single Expressroid, which is what I really needed. Here comes the sad part. I opened 18 continuous packs, and got 0 foils before I finally got the expressroid. Anyway, from what I belive, there is only 1 copy of each roid available in each box, so good luck to people building roid related decks siah.

So after opening a full box, was not very happy, so opened another fresh box, and managed to get 4 foils in 8 packs. Pretty not bad in the end, since I got 9 foils in 38 packs, so like a 1/4 rate? Ah well. Here are the foils I got.

1 3D Gladial Beast - Heracranos
2 Evil Hero Inferno Wing
1 Cloudian Eye of the Typhoon
2 Evil Hero Malicious Edge
1 Counciler Of Shien - Enishi
1 Elemental Hero Plasma Viceman
1 Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union

Apparently there are 4 common rares again, though I'm not sure if they are that rare anymore since I got 2 copies of 2 types, namely Swing of Memories and Soul-Hunting Bamboo Sword, so...

Anyway, as promised, here is the gay combo I have discovered.

Slave Ape
When this card is destroy as a result of battle and is send to Graveyard, you may special summon a [Gladial Beast] monster with level 4 or less from your deck to your field.

I have no idea why everyone is talking about the normal rare Gladial Beast - Sectol when this card is 5 million times stronger. Don't understand? Look at the stats! Still don't understand? Noob!!!! Just kidding, or not. Let's paint the scene for you guys.

Opp Field: Loving E-Hero Airman
Hand: Rescue Cat, Forced Rotation

Get it? Just summon rescue cat, and sacrifice it to bring out 2 slave apes. Next, force rotate 1 over, and let both suicide to bring out 2 copies of Gladial Beast - Dicaeri, and all direct attack. Assuming there isn't all mighty gorz somewhere, that makes 1600 * 2 + 1800 for a nice 5000 dmg!

At this point, people who have studied the spoilers would have thought of something. Why don't I summon the 1800 Gladial beast for an extra 400 dmg? Well, this brings us to our final part of the combo....

Gladial Beast - Alexander
This card cannot be special summon outside of by effect of [Gladial Beast - Dicaeri]. When this card is successfully special summon when this card is face-up on your field, this card is not affect by the effect of Magic cards. When this card battles you can return this card to your deck at the end of Battle Phase, then special summon a [Gladial Beast] monster from your deck outside of [Gladial Beast - Alexander].

See this card which looks normal, yet ends up crazily overpowered with the combo? At the end of the battle phase, simply return the 2 Dicaeris to summon Alexander. Hey, if you have a royal palace, I would say thats quite half the game won. Anycase, you 've still gained a 2 card advantage over the opponent.

And of course finally, what's DSummon here for if I do NOT produce an OTK! It's the exact same scenario as before with slave ape, but lets have a Green Baboon in the grave this time. Then, instead of Dicaeri, lets call Raquel instead. With the death of the slave apes, you get to pay 1k lp for baboon to come out. And again, without noobish gorz, you get 1800 * 3 + 2600 for exactly 8k! (Remember the Airman here ah)

And yes, ladies and germs, thats quite it at the moment, as I'm gonna get complains of god length reviews again. I will try and add the pictures in if possible later, but then again, may not as it will further increase the length. Bye bee! Akira-Sama!


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