Monday, July 30, 2007

Structure decks & World Championships 2007

Hello, ladies (if there are any) and germs. Yeah, we have been abit slack, but there hasnt been that much interesting stuff coming up previously, so...... Anyway, just a slight bit of updates on the latest releases in the UDE side.

I'm sure some of you guys have noticed the latest releases with the 2 new structure decks for Jaden Yuki and Syrus Truesdale. But most of you guys probably don't really know what's inside since no deck list is printed on the box. Nope, I will not make a deck list of the whole set as there are tons of crap cards inside which have 0 reason to be there so I shall not bother. But, just a slight mention of the foils inside.

Jaden Yuki
E-Hero Necroshade (Ultra Rare)
E-Hero Bubbleman (Super Rare)

Syrus Truesdale
Expressroid (Ultra Rare)
Drillroid (Super Rare)

Everything else inside are commons and there isnt any new cards which not previously released in the UDE side save for expressroid I believe, so nothing interesting there. But, there are a big bunch of good commons inside which are included, and here's a list of some of them, listed in format of Monster, Magic, Trap.

Gemini Elf (Jaden)
Cyber-Tech Alligator (Both)
Exile Force (Jaden)
Dark Mask (Both)
Dekoichi (Syrus)

Book of Moon (Syrus)
Enemy Controller (Syrus)
Smashing Ground (Both)
Heavy Storm (Both)
Giant Trunade (Both)
Monster Reincarnation (Jaden)
Lightning Vortex (Both)
Brain Control (Both)

Threatening Roar (Syrus)
Dust Tornado (Jaden)
Magic Jammer (Both)
Sakuretsu Armor (Both)
Compulsory Evacuation Device (Jaden)
Draining Shield (Jaden)
Magic Cylinder (Both)

Next update, is the World Championship 2007 coverage. Yes, it is rather slow, and still incomplete, but it is included in this website...

Deck lists are still being updated I believe, and the finals are not included in the report yet, blah blah, but from what I see, champion is a guy from South America, Chile, using a pretty standard Monarch deck with gravekeeper spy, soul exchange. If there is gonna be a good guess for the ban list, you can probably look at the deck lists here. Some how the guys from Japan didn't even make top 4, with only 1 out of 4 in top 8. But hey, they can't use their favourite LADD, Gorz, etc etc, so......

Edit: Hey, looks like the finals report and the deck lists have been updated for top 8. From what I can see with my stamped eye, its 6 monarchs, 1 stall burn, and 1 gadget deck. Guess Raizas are gonna get flushed down the drain soon, so guys with them better sell them pronto.


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