Sunday, July 8, 2007

[Deck] Ocean Beat

Ok this is the deck that I used for today's tourney.

[Monster] = 10

[1]E-Hero Aiman
[1]E-Hero The Heat
[3]E-Hero Ocean
[1]Dimensional Warrior Girl

[Magic] = 21

[1]Snatch Steal
[1]Heavy Storm
[1]Sealing Sword of Light
[1]Book of Moon
[2]Reinforcement of the Army
[3]E-Emergency Call
[2]My Body as a Shield
[2]Enemy Controller
[3]Smashing Ground
[2]Lightning Vortex

[Trap] = 12
[1]Holy Barrier Mirror Force
[1]Call of the Haunted
[1]Matter Transfer Device
[2]Sakuretsu Armor
[2]Bottomless Traphole
[2]Compulsary Evacuation Device
[3]Solemn Judgement

Previously known as My Ha Oh deck with repeated use of Airman! Little Bit modification on the monsters and try out some japanese variation aka the 3 Hydrogeddon. Used to use Another Neos and other stuff. This is the kind of deck that would prevent Konami for ever unrestricting Airman, coz 1 is enough!

Ha oh ftw!


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