Friday, July 6, 2007

Tournament this sunday July 08th?????

Yeo kiddies,

As you guys have probably heard by now, or maybe some of you guys still dun, there is a tournament coming up this Sunday in Jurong area, walking distance from Lakeside MRT. Exact way to get there, not sure. Just meet Himura 1pm at lakeside MRT. Dun know who he is? I DUN CARE! Go find out yourself, heh.

Anyway, this tournament is set up to try and get people down to Jurong as well, cause as you can see from our middle fingers, we're quite out of places to play at the moment, so we're trying to make Jurong the new good area to play. There are seats for 20+ odd? There's aircon, tons of coffeeshops in the area, heck, quite all the things a card player needs. Only problem is its rather far walking distance and quite far off in the east, but I would say we are at an all time low for playing areas at the moment, so yeah, why not? Anywayz, enough crapping, here are some details on the tournament.

Shop Name: GameKard & Toys
Date: 08th July 2007
Time: 2pm PROMPT
Restrictions: Standard ban list. The UDE sp cards like volcanic rocket, etc, are also allowed.
Price tag: $5
1st - 1st print DDV
2nd - UDE parallel foil Heavy Storm
3rd - UDE parallel foil Marauding Captain
Foil Consolations for each participant.

*Edit: Note consolation changes. Also, if participants at 20 people are more, we will increase prizes to include top 8 particpants. Also, possible addition of lucky draw prize if turnout allows it.

I hope thats quite the info all you stoners need. So yeah, all you guys try and come. Should be quite fun, and these prizes are quite good, so why not? And nope, I do not make anything out of this tourney, I just help to organize and promote it only, heh.


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