Sunday, July 8, 2007

Looking back for Jurong Tournament

Ok I shall cut short all the rubbish intro and go straight into the looking back. Warning, there's really nothing much of notable play since its mostly Summon Airman and Search for Ocean, so yah I'll just put down notable/funny stuff. Btw Deck list can be found directly below this post.

Match 1 - Vs Unknown (sorry I forgot the name)
Used Bottomless against my Airman which I protected with My Body as a Shield!!
And yah Just rushed for both rounds.

Match 2 - Vs DSummon (oh noes its the ass!)
Lost the first round due to me guessing wrongly on the Ming Tui Li which was 7 and he Metamorphosis a Cyber Ogre 2 + Megamorph>, bitch!
Side decked Mask of Restrict and Banisher of Radiance to counter Monster Gate and Card Gunner.
Activated my Mask in response to his Snatch Steal hohoho, followed by Solemn Judgement on his Hurricane and rush his ass. Pretty much the same thing for final game.

Match 3 - Vs GreatGuy (I hate LaDD decks T_T)
Solemn Judgement-ed his Light and Darkness Dragon summon since I had all magic in hand and no way to kill it. He drew and drew and drew form all the Destiny Draw and Disk Guy. He left his Defend Guy up and I ahd Ocean + Sealing Sword and managed to earn some card back and rush back.
I forgot whether it was the first or the 2nd game but I covered 5 m/t, 2 of them was Solemn Judgement lol.

Match 4 - Vs Tony (aka Gay dog!!!)
I got beaten by Double guy and DDV and rubbish for the first game.
Third game was the nicest! I thought my hand was really horrible.
He used torrential when I summoned Airman and declare destroy M/T, I use Solemn Judgement!
And then the next turn he sacrifice 2 monsters to summon LaDD!! I Solemn-ed that too!! My life was really low now, like 750 =(
I thought "got chance!!!"
Then he opened Destruction Ring on my Airman, I opened my 3rd Solemn Judgement LOL!!!!

Match 5 - Vs Unknown (hi I'm sorry I forgot your name too)
This is probably the most stressful fight. The first round it was quite depressing with shocker there and my traps were all non functional. Somehow managed to kill it and won.
Second round on the other hand, I thought I really die liao. He had Mobius, Shocker, Drillroid. I had 2 Hydrogeddon, Airman and a face down The Heat.He killed everything except my Airman. My face down card was Emergency Call and Sakuretsu. I top deck Controller hohoho. Use Airman whack Drillroid, Controller sac Airman take Shocker and whack Mobius! Clear field!
Then few turns later my Airman died due to Snipe Stalker and I had Ocean Left, then he flip summoned D Girl and whack whack. At this point I had only 700 LP left. I was cursing on why I didn't normal summon The Heat on my previous turn coz I had a face down Controller. So yeah I did the normal thing of letting my Ocean die with Stalker and used controller to turn D girl. I top deck into Solemn. Used my Heat and whack D girl and he out. Then I top deck Vortex (i have no hand btw) But my face down E was still around!! so I used it and got my last Ocean. Managed to recur back Airman and win since I had Solemn >=D

Top 8 Match 1 - Vs Himura (banana u sux!)
First round was really struggling as he kept camping with his Marshmallow and Banisher there, there was really nothing I could do. Then when I finally cleared his field, at the last moment, he Metamorped a Dragon Warrior and Killed my Ocean. I top deck intro Reinforcement. At this point, I think I couldnt think properly liao, I had few hundred left LP. My covered card is Shrink, which couldnt affect the cb Warrior. Then my D girl also die liao. Then I just died... Then after that I realise i still have The Heat in my deck. I had Airman on my field so yeah, it would've been big enough to die together with Dragon Warrior!!! Argh, noobish mistake =(
2nd round was pretty much rape, my hand was like cb...

Note: At this point of time I sian liao, no chance to win DDV nb!!

Top 8 Match 2 - Vs Yong Xiang (not the ahbeng Yong Siang =X)
He was Playing Kuribo + SkyLord. I just chiong liao, no mood. Won Somehow lol
Second Round I Side Kaikuu and Radiance. He managed to summon Norreras and used its effect. I chained with bottomless and Matter Transfer Device on my Airman. He drae Early Burial!! WHere is there balance! But yah I survived and kept my Ocean alive and the usual things happened! Victory! =D

Top 8 Match 3 - Vs GreatGuy (yet again!)
Well it was the same thing, I forgot wat happened for first match.
Second match, I managed to lock him with Kaikuu and Mask of Restrict on the field and I covered Solemn. He cannot sacrifice anything, cannot remove Diabolic (well I out liao anyways together with frog) and yah, his hand actually super god like lol. There was Destiny Draw, LaDD and all the usual CB cards! Phew!

Final Standing: 5th =(

Damn you banana, I only lost to you! This tells us all a story.

In the end I got Pot of Avarice from the prize pool and my consolation was Gilford the Lightning =(


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