Thursday, May 17, 2007

[Review] Dual Monsters

Today I'm gonna look into the new mechanic, Dual. Let's start by first explaining the mechanic.


- They are treated as normal monsters when on face up on the field/in grave.
- When they are normal monster and face up on the field, you can Re-Summon them again and they will gain the effect stated on the card.
- Re-summoning uses up your 1 normal summon per turn.
- For high level monsters, you dont have to tribute again.
- During re-summon, they can be affected by cards like [Bottomless Pitfall], [Torrential Tribute] etc.

Why Dual monsters?
- They get support from normal monster cards such as Justice Break, Dark Factory ah you all know lah, stuff like that.

And now to review the monsters. I'm just gonna put names. For full stats and effect, refer to DMComet TAEV translation file.

E Hero Another Neos

Best card ever. Not because it is dual, but because it can be abused with the various E Hero cards. Dual effect wise, I would say crap but beats using the big Neos lol.

Hell Kaiser Dragon

Attacking twice is always good (remember the Chaos Soldier days). But then again, it's not easy to attack succesfully. Can be strong, but I personally dislike it.

Rippling Allisa

Piper of Fortune

Decent effect. Some might argue that you might as well use Don Zaloog instead of Allisa, but being water means you can use it with Water Technique for more hand discards =D
As for Piper of Fortune, can't really think of anything to abuse right now =(
Hand D > Card Draw

Valuable Armor

Now this might be good, insects have alot of support to search and special summon. So you can special summon, re-summon and off you go attacking everything on opponent's field =D
Some support cards: Pinch Hopper, Hatching etc etc (dunno what they are? go find out lol)

Giant Gogre

This might be good, after all 2100 attack monster is not funny. But of course, considering that you waste a normal summon, sacrificing for a high level would be better. And there is always Cyber Dragon.

Sunrise Guardna

Just throw away.

Devil's Summoner

Another playable effect. Can be used to swarm the field easily. No card lost since it can special summon other demons.

Scorch King Pyron

Even though it's a high level, it can be searched by UFO turtle. And burning 1000 per turn is not exactly cute. Lock Burn decks might consider?

Shadow Diver

Again, even though this might be searchable, you have to activate it's dual effect by using a normal summon. So the only monster that you would use it's effect would probably be itself. Direct attack for 1500 can be fun.

Ok that is all the dual monsters for this set. Sorry if Neos comments was too long but well, its the truth =(


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