Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thoughts on TAEV

Alrighty, finally, its my turn to make my comments on this new little gem. Firstly, the spoils of battle.

Headed down on friday to open some packs, and bought about 22. The items I got were namely
Hell Kaiser Dragon (019)
Piper of Fortune (021)

Not very good results for 22 packs, but well, I managed to get all the commons and rares I wanted, including 2 of the common rare,Compensation of Battlefront Revival. Managed to scam my 3rd one the next day.

Then saturday, I joined in midway of the sure to win with baha as mentioned below. Got quite lucky i guess. Here are my items....... (All card numbers from our dear, please go there for translations as well)

Dimensional Tunnel - Mirror Gate - (063)
Poisonous Snake King - Venominon (014)
Broken Bamboo Sword (062)

And that's it! Hmmm, yup, I'm such a scam. I did get another common rare, Fortune Teller of Crystal, but I owe Steven 1 as 1 of my revival I scammed from him, so I let him take the fortune teller. One thing you guys may like to note though, there are 4 common rares in this set. Meaning you will get only 1 out of the 4 common rares in a entire box. Meaning if you're lucky enough, you will get a full playset after buying 3 boxes? Hmmm. Strange cards, I will mention which ones are they below.

In the mean time, let's get a quick peek at our blog master, right after he has laid his hands on the legendary broken bamboo sword as well as well as 2 other godly foils in a single box..........

Well anycase, enough on my scamming expertise, here are the various cards which I took some interest in, though sadly, all none machine.

Hound Dragon
- Not much use cause it's a yellow monster? Look again, it's actually a 1700 3 star dragon, which makes it equippable on cyber dark monsters. That makes those buggers a nice major 2500, instead of the previous 2200 cap. More then enough to take out those irritating monarchs you see around.

Necro Guardna
- Quite strong IMO. Its a bloody warrior, making it very searchable, it's 4 star and below, reinforcement, critter, etc. Then it's a dark monster with 1k lesser attack (DDV does it again). Finally, it's allows you to get its effect for nothing, save for removing it from grave. Though otk lovers like me will see it and take note of it, but hey, still very good.

E-Hero Another Neos
- Imbalanced for a simple reason. Its a bloody 1900, searchable by the in-famous airman, re-usable via ocean (man?), etc. The usual warrior, blah blah, comes in. Whoever is tempted to use it's dual effect, don't. Look for imbalance fellow blogger to see his deck for a good idea on how to use this ass.

Devil's Summoner
- Quite power IMO. If you get the chance, activate his dual right away. You wun lose out anything. You still summon whatever demon you have in the grave, in exchange for just losing out a summon for that first turn. If you have card of safe return on the field, even better. Especially usable for all those people who insist on using chaos monsters and spam demons in their deck just to call out the chaos thingys. Only prob? Its not a demon itself, so..... But hey, still super aggro, no mistake about that.

Fortune Teller of Crystal
- Common rare no 1. Imbalance for 2 simple yet strong reasons. Searchable via apprentice magician, as well as filters the deck while giving you free hand at the same time. I can just see the combo. Opponent hits your apprentice, you search for the fortune teller. Next turn, you flip open, choose 1 of those monarchs and sac the crystal girl for them. All for the cost of 1 apprentice magician you gain like, 2 card advantage as well as get deck filtering? Shiver...

Zomebie Master
- Shall not bother to say too much, look at baha's deck for imbalance-ness.

Dual Summon
- Hmmm, the only card with lots of OTK ideas for this. Sadly, a bulk of them involves my dear franky in the deck. Well, I shall not comment too much on this thing least i get scolded by everyone again.

Compensation of Battlefront Revival
- Common rare no 2. Lots of ideas for this card. Both machine, and non machine. I shall not comment too much on this little thingy. Just wait patiently for my deck list, should be up in about a week or so.

Broken Bamboo Sword
- Common rare no 3. Zilth, nada. Nobody anywhere can think of any use for this card, at all. Our only hope? Wait for the next pack/promo set and see if anything is released that uses this little sword. The worse common rare at the moment.

Charity of Commoner
- Personally i call this card commoner's donation. You know, angelic donation, blah blah? Yeah. Anyways, a very good drawing card, with lots of potential. Use it with skill of summoner, search for your big yellow things, then get them out of game, draw 2 cards, D Fusion, blah blah. Sadly, machine has no big yellow thingys, so this combo out for me. But, well, it's still a very good normal monster support card.

- Common rare no 4. Well, only a couple of cards i can think for this one. Don't ask me card names, I'm not sure. First one is the self destruct switch thingy, when you have 7k lp or more lesser then opp, draw game. Second is the exchange lp with opp when you guess type of top card correctly. Finally third is the change lp gain into reduce that permanent trap card, dun know name also. Not that I care anyway, I will never use such a card. But hey, if anyone could show me any cool combo for this thingy, show it to me man.

That's quite about my review i guess? I'm not a supporter of dual monsters (No machines) and the venom monsters (No machines), so dun ask me about them, heh. And that makes the end of my god length post. Till my next post kiddys, duel fun, and play fair.


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