Monday, May 21, 2007

Limited Edition 10

I'm sure most of you have seen the new of LE10. Konami never fail to earn xtra money by dividing the cards into 2 different packs. The 2 packs are Chaos Black and Holy White.
Credits to DMComet for Translation.


[Chaos Black]

Chaos Phantom - Armityle (混沌幻魔アーミタイル)
[Divine Flame Emperor - Uria] + [Descending Thunder Emperor - Hamon] + [Phantom Emperor - Ravel]
This card can only be special summon from Fusion deck by returning the above monsters from your field to deck (The Magic card [Fusion] is not required). This card cannot be destroyed as result of battle. WHen this card is face-up on the field increase this card's attack strength by 10000 during your turns.

Comments: Not a big fan of super-hard-to-summon monsters. Not even a 10k attack monster will make me form a deck jus to summon this!

Blue Ice White Night Dragon (青氷の白夜龍)
Negate the activation of Magic and Trap cards targeting this card and destroy it. When a monster face-up on your field is target of attack, by sending a Magic/Trap card from your field to Graveyard, you can change the target of that attack to this card.

Comments: This can be very strong. Can be special summoned from grave and a decent negation effect. I don't like my monsters to be Brain Washed or Snatch Steal-ed. And it's just so coool~~

This card cannot be Normal Summoned. This card cannot be special summon outside of by sending 3 monsters from your field to Graveyard. When this card is successfully special summoned flip a coin and this gains the following effects:
- Head: When this card destroyed an opponent's monster as result of battle and sent it to Graveyard, you can add a card from your Graveyard into your hand.
- Tail: Negate the activation of effect of effect monsters, Magic and Trap card targeting this card and destroy it. Whenever a card effect is negated this way, decrease this card's attack strength by 1000.

Comments: Another strong card. It can be a little troublesome since it's not like BlooD where you sacrifice monster. Sending monster to grave means cannot use tokens =( Both effects are strong, prefer first effect though.

Card Blocker (カードブロッカー)
When this card is successfully Summoned, Reverse Summoned, or Special Summoned, put it in defense mode. When a monster face-up on your field is target of attack, you can change the target of that attack to this card. When this card is target of attac, you can send up to the top 3 cards from your deck to Graveyard. For each card sent, increase this card's defense strength by 500 until End Phase.

Comments: Not as strong as Card Gunner since it doesn't have the "when this card is destroyed, draw 1 card" But well...

[Holy White]

The splendid VENUS
When this card is face-up on your field, decrease the attack and defense strength of all face-up monsters on the field outside of Angel type by 500. Also the activation of your Magic/Trap card cannot be negate.

Comments: Another decent card. Second effect is quite useless unless you are fighting Counter deck lol.

Mystical Beast - Barbaros (神獣王バルバロス)
THis card can be Normal Summoned without sacrifice. If so, this card's original attack strength becomes 1900. If you sacrifice 3 monsters to sacrifice summoned this card, destroy all cards on opponent's field.

Comments: Best card in the LE10 series. 1900 beat stick, 8 star calls for more metamorphose abuse, and as for the field destruction effect I don't need explain ok?

Demonic Motor Ω (デモニック・モーター・Ω)
During your End Phase, special summon a [Motor Token] (Earth/Machine/1/200/200) to your field in attack position. Once per turn increases this card's attack strength by 1000. When this effect is used destroy this card at End Phase of that turn.

Comments: Konami you sux, why can't you just let DS quit.

Cold Enchanter (コールド・エンチャンター)
Discard a card from your hand, put a Ice Counter onto a face-up monster on the field. Increase this card's attack strength by number of Ice Counters on the field * 300.

Comments: I wish konami would print a magic card that puts Ice Counters instead of discarding my hand =(

Overall, both packs are good. But I think Holy White packs will be more popular due to Barbaros and DS will probably buy all the Demonic Motors. Did I mention all the card pictures are very very nice =D Sorry but I don't provide pictures lol.

Very soon DS is gonna do a Wall of Text review on Demonic Motor.


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