Monday, May 21, 2007

[Card Review] Demonic Motor Ω

Well, ladies and germs, as I promised to baha, here is my usual god length review on a nice machine card.

Demonic Motor Ω (デモニック・モーター・Ω)
During your End Phase, special summon a [Motor Token] (Earth/Machine/1/200/200) to your field in attack position. Once per turn increases this card's attack strength by 1000. When this effect is used destroy this card at End Phase of that turn.

Ah, what a perfect card. LOL. It does not have the stupid unable to summon from deck thingy like Big Saturn, so it makes this card very monster gate spammable. In fact, it even summons a token on to your field, helping out with monster gate decks.

For the token, assuming it survives to your turn of course, there are also several things you can do with them. You can use the new forced rotation for normal monster with this baby, you can monster gate it away for even more machine fire power, you can use the new revival necklace to summon out more items. You can sac it away for monarchs *Gack* The only problem is that its in attack position so you'll have to think of some method to protect it I guess. If not, just leave it and pray. That's probably what I'll do, heh. Not in my idea to play protective stuff in my deck.

With regards to its second, and IMO better effect of course. It allows you to increase the attack by 1000, and it dies at the end of the turn. Sounds similar to the veteran players? Its old karate man returned with a new cool looking army tank! This is very nicely machine spammable as compared to Big Saturn, since you do not have to pay 1k LP and discard 1 hand for the effect to take place, even though it dies in the end phase. But hey, machines are all about that 1 turn anyway. Summon it, activate effect to 3800, attack and damage step 7600. Just the thing we need. Further, as per previous effect, it will die off, but you can use its effect to summon a token first before it dies.

Now, on to its stats. Its dark and bigger then 2500, playable with dddv and the new ddv for m/t? Not sure how much use is that. The important thing for me is that its 2800, just that nice bit bigger then Gorz even without using its effect. Quite good enough for me. And of course, being an 8 star allows you to use it with all the nice machine fusion monsters for metamorphesis.

Comparing it to the big saturn, well. I like this art more then big saturn for sure. And for summoning, it does not have the restrictions as per big saturn, making it more fun. Finally on to effect, well..... As you guys probably know by know, machine deck kills by some how clearing all obstacles, then going in for the big kill. If the otk fails, you're in trouble anyway, no matter what you do. (If you didn't know this, please fix a time for a duel with me.) With that, the effect of big saturn dealing d ring damage is useless, as it only applies to opponent destroying it. During your turn of an otk, assuming you've cleared all obstacles, that usually is not very useful. Then as compared to big saturn, you do not need any cost to up the attack on this tank as compared to big saturn. So yupz, you guessed it. I like this baby much better.

Well, havent really thought of any crazy combos for this thing save for the obvious limit break, so nothing much in the combo area. I'll think of something and keep you guys updated. Till then, ciaossu.


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