Thursday, May 3, 2007

[Deck] Bazoo Trooper Machine Madness

Well, its been a couple of weeks since either of us posted. One thing is the owner of the blog is currently over engrossed in WOW, both the card game, as well as the online game, though more over the online game. As for me, well, abit too busy with work recently to look after the blog too, my apologies to anybody who is looking at this baby blog. Well, anycase, here is the deck list for starters.

[1] Magician Of Black Chaos
[1] Revolver Dragon
[1] Blowback Dragon
[1] Android Psycho Shocker
[3] Cyber Dragon
[3] Bazoo
[3] Card Gunner
[2] Snipe Hunter
[1] Cyber Phoenix
[3] Magical Merchant
[1] Morphing Jar


[1] Big Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Theft
[1] Brain Control
[1] Enemy Controller
[1] Future Fusion
[1] Overload Fusion
[1] Early Burial
[1] Limit Break
[1] Magic Mining Stone
[1] Dimension Fusion
[1] Golden Chest Of Sealing


[1] Destruction Ring
[1] Cry Of Living Dead
[1] Tidal Wave
[1] Mirror Force
[2] Skull Lair
[2] Return From Different Dimension

Well, what do you guys think? Its quite like the same bazoo trooper as the original champion deck from the UDE side. However, I have editted the deck quite abit to suit my own needs. For one thing, it has more machines, though just abit more. Secondly, it has overload fusion. Thirdly, more agressive and less passive-ness. The original deck was filled more with tons of sakuretsu armors, earth smash, etc, as it tried to do the usual UDE OTK method. Slow the game down till you draw everything and go for the win.

However, as usual, I dislike slow decks, though I took the ideas from this deck for its potential for speed. This version is very fightable, where it does not require to 'hum'. I use brain control and enemy controller instead to take control of opponent's monsters to deal even more damage instead of just clearing his field.

Well, I shall refrain from speaking too much about this deck, as I think I will start to talk about it like the card gunner review, haha. Just a note though, this is a temporary deck, as I plan to add antique gears into this deck. As to how it will go, this is all up to your imagination.


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