Friday, May 11, 2007

[Review]Tactical Evolution

Hello to whoever who are still around to read the blog lol. Yes I know it's been a little dead recently since I am so busy playing WOW (both the MMO and the TCG). But well as usual, new sets always spark my interest and make more stupid decks to try out =D. I'm just gonna list and comment some of the notable cards.

Disclaimer: The following are only what I think, you may agree/disagree with my views but well screw it, it's my blog, I can do whatever I want bwahaha >=D


Ok here goes, in no particular order.

#1 Necro Guardna

This is a pretty useful card since it doesnt lose you any card and it prevents one attack! Very good against OTK (CoughdssuxCough) And of course it prevent one attack from the now very popular Advanced ritual technique decks. And well lets not say what DD Crow and watever nonsense you wann use to remove the grave. I take it as a non existent card so yah, feel free to remove, you waste one card, not my problem.

#2 Crystal Fortune Teller

I guess I don't need to emphasize how good this card is and of course as I am such a Card Drawing Whore, I would recommend 3 in every deck. Run with Apprentice for good results =D

# 3 Capture Device

A Creature Swap with a really fake drawback. I guess its pretty strong since you can by pass the draw back =/

#4 Zombie Master

I think this card has alot of potential. It is searchable via Pyramid Turtle/Goblin Zombie. It has a decent stats, and a very good effect. You can easily summon another copy of itself and swarm the field or something, or throw a high level and then Book of Living and so on.

#5 Magic/Trap Capture

More weird cards which I dunno good or not haha. Yes I know you get to take back a magic/trap but nowadays not much good cards to spam also. So OTK deck maybe? I can already imagine DS Limit break twice, bitch.

#6 E Hero Another Neos

Just gonna add this in. I can't beleive I missed this card during my first review. Oh well, I was mostly looking at effect anyways but then I realise this thing has really imbalance stats lol. Ok excuses aside, this is like the best thing to search with Airman. Searchable with Reinforcement/ Emergency Call, and can be special summoned by Oversoul/Birthright and so on. It's so easily abusable. Must lay low and start buying in bulk liao lol =X

Not gonna go into the other cards like Rainbow Dragon and Frost Flame Twin Dragon and etc since I already did them.

Weird Decks to play:
- Gem Beast again with Rainbow Dragon!
- E Hero + Hope of Fifth MPT or something

And no I am not a snake fan so I'm not even gonna bother trying the Venom cards. And besides, I dont think it's that easy to summon the Naga and get the alternate win condition. If you get it to big enough, just ram a few times win liao -_-


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