Wednesday, April 18, 2007

[Card Review] Volcanic Rocket

Well, its been about a week since the last post, and I reckon it was about time I did somoething about that. Today's review will be on UDE's newest attempt to make a totally original card after the six samurai general which so many of you know. Sadly, not a machine, but hey, I have to change the pace once in awhile, huh.

FOTB-ENSP1「Volcanic Rocket(ヴォルカニック・ロケット)」星4 炎 炎族 1900/1400このカードが召喚・反転召喚・特殊召喚に成功した時、自分のデッキまたは墓地から「ブレイズ・キャノン」1枚を手札に加える。
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Direct Translation:
American Version [FORCE OF THE BREAKER] Promo Card
FOTB-ENSP1 [Volcanic Rocket(Volcanic.Rocket) 4 star Fire/Fire 1900/1400
When this card is successfully summoned, reversed summoned or special summoned, add 1 card named [Blaze Cannon] from your grave or deck to your hand.

No loves and hates for this round for me, cause its not a machine type. Thats probably my only hate, haha. Art is also not released yet, so not much that I can comment on that.

Stats, great stats. The first fire sub type 1900 attack monster if I'm not mistaken? This little baby will add abit of fire power into the blaze cannon decks which are being played here and there. 1400 ass will also let it pass through safely gadgets trying to hit through. (Note: Above comment on the defense was made in metagame style. With attack like that, you will prob always put it in attack mode anyway, unless something major happens)

Effect, quite imbalance in my opinion. The effect actually lets it find the blaze cannon regardless the situation, so long as you are not dumb enough to set it down, and let the opponent attack it. Also, being able to add from both your grave or deck? This is quite the only card which allows it? How many cards are there in this game which actually lets you add cards to your hand, both from grave AND deck? Even the widely imbalanced E-Hero Airman only adds from deck. (However, it does have a second effect after all, so out of topic, heh)

With the fire bullets at the moment, theres already quite abit of free hand that you can obtain, just by paying 500lp. With this little baby, you can get even MORE free hand, and make use of those little bullets which you loving pay your lp for. The only thing with playing this thing is you have to play a somewhat dedicated deck to the theme at least.

Fortunately, this card does not allow you to search for the trident as well. It only allows you to search for blaze cannon, so no speed summoning for volcanic devil yet. But, as said, really quite strong enough.

Card rating? Art is not available yet, but for the stats and effects alone? I will give it quite a 9/10. Where that final 1 point just going for the unable to search for trident bit. I will only give 10/10 to totally imbalance cards.


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