Monday, April 2, 2007

[Card Review] Light and Darkness Dragon

Disclaimer: As usual I would post stuff that others (and myself) might consider rubbish. When you are bored, this is something you can read. If you don't like, then don't read. Simple =D

And for my first card review, it would be the card that everyone love and hate.

Light and Darkness Dragon
This card cannot be special summon. This card's attribute is also treated as "Dark". When this card is face-up on the field, negate all activation of effect of effect monsters, Magic, and Trap cards. Each time this effect negate an activation, decrease this card's attack and defense strength by 500. When this card is destroy and sent to Graveyard, choose a monster in your Graveyard to activate. Destroy all cards on your field, then special summon the chosen monster from Graveyard to your field.
*Translation done by DMComet*

- Nice cool looking art
- Nice imbalance effect
- Nice stats
- What's there to hate?

- Hard to get rid of
- Irritating
- Of course the above only happens to certain decks

This is one of my favourite cards. Call it love at first sight. I like dragon cards, I like Blue Eyes White Dragon (oh well who doesn't) but most have shit effects or just totally crappy...

This one is god like. It caused a lot of problem then and now. Back then, it can cause infinite loops until they ruled that it can only activate the negation effect once per chain block. And some people are confused over "once per chain block" thinking that it's once per turn which is so totally completely different. No idea what I'm talking about? Go find out.

That aside, it's not exactly that hard to kill the dragon. Since it can only activate once per chain block, you can take advantage and use cards to kill it after it attempts to negate a card. Why did I say attempt? Coz it has to stay on the field in order to negate successfully. So let me show you an example.

Chain 1: Player 1 Activate Graceful Charity
Chain 2: Light and Darkness activates its effect attempting to negate the Graceful Charity
Chain 3: Activates Destruction Ring
Resolve Chain 3: Destruction Ring destroys the Dragon and deals damage
Resolve Chain 2: Since the dragon is not ont he field anymore, the negation effect doesnt resolve
Resolve Chain 1: You draw 3 cards and so on and be happy. (or do you?)
New Chain 1: Light and Darkness activates and selects D-Hero Disk Guy from his grave.
Chain 2: You totally forgot about this and go "wtf!"

Of course you can just Tribute summon any emperor and ram it. Which makes everyone's life easier without all the chaining rubbish.

And now comes the second effect, which is equally irritating. All that hard work trying to kill it and he gets to special summon another monster? Usually equally hard to kill such as Gorz, Shocker and worse still Disk Guy!!?? Giving him cards while you lose cards which can be quite a bitch.

How to solve this? Up to you... You can remove the possible monster that he wanna summon or you wanna make sure Dragon never enters grave or whatever you creative people can think of.

I'm biased with this card so it's best I dont give any rating =X


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