Saturday, March 31, 2007

[Deck] Gunner Gadget

Weee, as I previously promised bahamut, I will spam my ki-kai-oh decks on this blog whenever I have 1 available. I did not perform that well during the championship tournament, but this deck does quite well regularly at the weekly tournaments so I shall just post it anyway. Must use similar format as bahamut, so 'mafun'.

Anycase, my names are kinda mixed between the english names, along with the japanese names which we translated from the olden days. Just be thankful me and bahamut didn't post the entire deck list in japanese yah? Should be pretty obvious which is which anywayz.


Deck Name = Gunner Gadget *Inventive rite?*


[1]Android Psycho Shocker
[3]Cyber Dragon
[1]Dekoichi The Battle Locomotive
[2]Green Gadget
[2]Yellow Gadget
[2]Red Gadget
[3]Dead Revolver Startup Soldier
[3] Card Gunner


[1]Heavy Storm
[1]Early Burial
[2]Earth Smash
[2]Enemy Controller
[1]Lightning Vortex
[1]Future Fusion
[1]Overload Fusion
[1]Pot Of Avarice
[1]Limit Break
[2]Machine Duplication
[1]Magic Mining Stone
[1] Theft


[1]Tidal Wave
[1]Holy Barrier Mirror Force
[1]Destruction Ring
[2]God Declaration


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