Monday, April 2, 2007

[Card Review] Card Gunner

Weee, my turn to post my card review. I am such a copy cat, ain't I? I just straight away do what bahamut does, muhahahaha.

As for MY first card review, obviously, it is going to be on my one and only favourite monster type in the game. Machines!

I have picked card gunner, as it seems to be gaining quite abit of attention in the UDE side, though in my opinion, its for all the wrong reasons. Anywayz, here is my bit on this little mechanical menace.

Card Gunner
You can send up to top 3 cards on your deck into Graveyard. For each card send to Graveyard, increase this card's attack strength by 500 until End Phase. This effect can only be activate once per turn. When this card is destroy and send to Graveyard, draw a card from your deck.
*Translation done by DMComet*

- Nice art
- Great stats
- Imbalance effect
- Its a machine!

- Effect only lasts till only end phase, and only on own field
- Hydrogeddon unfriendly
- Besides these, whats there to hate?

Gotta love this card. In my entire history of playing Yu Gi Oh, this is probably the first and only card so far which I have actually went to get the picture before hand, and print out the picture as a proxy. Usually, I dont even bother till the card is released.

I do not play it the way UDE people play it, which seriously besides for the card drawing effect when destroyed, quite no other reason for them to play it at all. Except for the bazoo and return from dd deck which makes this card very suitable for the deck. All the rest of the people are playing it just like a dekoichi, a fighter which will allow them to draw one. Hence, people spam 3. Will you guys think beyond using a card just for the draw 1 advantage???

Anywayz, on my side, here is how i look at it. Effect, combined with its stats is terrific. Why do I say that? Cause of my current favourite combo.

Card Gunner + Machine Duplication Technique.

What is machine duplication technique? Here is the effect.

Machine Duplication Technique
Magic - Normal
Choose a Machine type monster with attack strength 500 or less on your field to activate. You can special summon up to 2 cards with the same name from your deck.
*Translation done by DMComet*

This combo is god imbalance. Why? Its stats allows for it to be used by machine duplication, a card which I have been thinking on methods to use it since it was released, though sadly there were no cards which I can spam it with directly. Machine duplication allows you to special summon the remainder card gunner from your deck. However, what can 3 400 attack monsters do? Alot when they transform into 1900 attack fighting machines.

Another crazy card that works with these lean mean fighting machines, is of course, limit break, otherwise known as limitter removal. It transforms your field from 3 1900 attack monsters, to 3 3800 attack game breaking monsters. Easy an OTK in any standard game. A big bonus is also that even if your OTK fails, you get to draw 3 cards in the end phase from card gunner's demise!

Card gunner also works great against a favourite card in the current japanese metagame. Death Calibur Knight. Let's do this bahamut style, where the opponent has a DCK on the field, and I have a card gunner.

Chain 1: Player 1 activates Card Gunner's effect to flip 3 cards to increase attack
Chain 2: DCK automatically activates to negate and destroy Card Gunner's increase attack efect
Resolve Chain 2: Negate Card Gunner and destroy Card Gunner
Resolve Chain 1: Card Gunner no longer on field, nothing happens.
New Chain 1: Card Gunner's destruction activates draw effect
New Chain 2: You earn 1 draw, while Card Gunner exchanged fire with DCK. Card Advantage!

So you see? This is a totally great card, which allows you to filter deck (Though sometimes you filter stuff you wanna keep), and give card advantage, and provide massive fighting power. Though sadly it only lasts till end of the turn only. So if you have 3 card gunner on the field. Opponent can summon Cyber Dragon and Hydrogeddon. And suddenly, you take 2100 + 1200 + 1200 + 1200, making 5700 damage, all for 3 cards. The pain......... But, hydrogeddon is seldom used in Japanese metagame anymore anyway, so no worries with that matter.

Anywayz, this card review has become god like kinda length, so I shall not talk more on it. You guys should have figured out the smaller details here and there with regards to the power this little card has. And similar to bahamut, I shall not rate this card, cause I obviously love it.


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