Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Interesting" banlist updates and Cyber Dragon refound love

Mid Aug
Me: So many changes, and we are actually going to get a new OCG banlist by November? Thats so fast!

Mid Oct:  
Me: ...........

So basically, despite the rule changes made which created so much buzz and talk 2 months back over the ban list differences between OCG and TCG, the new dates set for the either banlist to be updated etc. The very first one was disappointing with basically Konami saying there was not enough time to let this one unfold and note any impacts the previous one had. Seems like a fail on their R&D department (if they have one) to me.

Regardless how small, I think some changes should have been made, simply at least for the message to drive through from them that "Hey, we made the changes to the dates and this new banlist system with proper thought through". Now it just looks like they shot themselves in the foot by announcing no change. With the next change set for Feb, which is only 1 month earlier from the original, which the difference? Furthermore, the next OCG banlist change planned for after that is in April, which is again just 2 months later. Will there be no changes again?

Well, we will have to see what happens in 3 months time dont we.


In the mean time, the new cards from the Cyber Dragon SD are really pretty good! Well, worries me that it may be so good that Konami might end up putting them in the Feb/Apr ban list. 4 months playing time would be very short for my investment on 3 SDs. You can check out the new stuff from the wikia link here. So just some quick thoughts on the deck

Cyber Dragon Drei
- Finally a decent level 4 beat for Cyber Dragon archetype
- Good combo piece for Cyber Network to protect your Cyber Dragons. Too bad it doesnt protect stuff with "Cyber Dragon" in its name, which is kinda weird since it doesnt protect its own boss monster
- Effect works out nicely to bring out Cyber Dragon Nova and also Zenmaioh, which is pretty good too~

Cyber Dragon Core
- Stats is good stuff for Machine Dup and Inferno Reckless. So Core + Dup gives you Core + any rank 5 you want on the field (Pleaides sounds good?) + fetching over basically any Cyber related card you want (Monsters even due to Cyber Repair Plant)
- Searcher is always good, especially when it fetches Cyber Network and Cyber Repair Plant, both very important cards
- Banish effect to summon Cyber Dragon from deck? Even better~ Just bring out Cyber Dragon, normal summon Light Hex Stone, proceed to Cyber Twin like a boss

Cyber Repair Plant
- Effect is easy to get off with the new Cyber Dragons
- Searching for any Light/Machine is very good as well. Cyber Eltanin for "Dark Hole" anyone? Get rid of that pesky Draccosack and its tokens with ease. Also searches Cyber Valley for draw power
- Shuffling is also good, just recycle that Cyber Eltanin lol. It also makes great sense for Machine dup decks. Just shuffle back the real Cyber Dragons back and you can dup Core again

Cyber Network
- Card is really good. Its basically a Gold Sarc for Light/Machines, including stuff you may not want to draw directly. Furthermore you can potentially do it for 6 times before it self destructs. Combo with Light of Redemption for a Light/Machine ROTA
- Effect is compulsory, which is great. You can use this with Magic Planter or even Snow Plow Hustle Rustle for great combos. Crazy people can even play Uria lol
- And if i may add when it is sent to grave, you can RFDD all Light/Machines you want. Which is pretty much depending on your build
     o Cyber Dragons for Xyz and Fusion based build
     o Several tuners of choice for fusion based builds depending on what you want to summon. (Morphtronic Scopen looks good since you can choose it to be level 3 or 4.)
*Insert Power Tool Dragon and Phalanx Pike for massive power ups for your Cyber Dragons

Honestly spending most of my free time just thinking on this deck, and already have several builds in mind. (Cyber Dragon Core + Dup + Transmodify for double Bureido sounds legit lol!) Now whats left is just testing the deck once its out on YgoPro. Really excited about this deck. Even Baha is interested to try it lol~ (Dont forget to follow him on twitter and like my Y.E.S fb page!)


  1. Dsummon I have looked at ur decks so much that I figured out machines are my favorite. :] btw the only suggestion I have is to put up the effects.

    1. Good point, didnt want to make it too long though which is why i didnt put up the effects. Will add links to the card names~

  2. Is ur name on ygopro dsummon? And how do I find u on there and would u duel me?

    1. Yup thats the name i use. Though i log on quite irregularly depending on as and when im free though. Usually will be about 10pm onwards SG time, depending on if im free that night?

  3. I didn't even realize that Duping Core would summon the regular cyber dragon :o that's pretty awesome

  4. Imagine maining DNA and triple chimeratech

  5. @Anon: Everyone imagined it when that combo first came out. It's kinda funny, but it's still gimmicky and way too easy to stop. Fiendish Chain, Veiler, Breakthrough Skill, Bottomless, Warning, Torrential, Book of Moon, Compulsory, Skill Drain, Mirror Force, Dimensional Prison... heck, this guy running the blog really likes Karakuri. One well timed Nishipachi and Fortress Dragon is done for.

    @DSummon: Don't forget about the previously anime-exclusive Cybernetic Fusion Support coming out in the next Gold Series! Machine-Type Fusions will be viable again!

    1. Im kinda still testing out a build. Not really sure i like it in my deck, considering i don't even draw Power Bond often enough

    2. That's understandable. If you built a dedicated Fusion Build, you could do it. But I understand that the most viable option for even one Fusion is the Nova, and the only Fusion you'll be summoning is Twin Dragon.

    3. Not really, getting Twin Dragons through Light stone quite often in my current build lol. Alternatively just Power Bond normally

  6. So I've been messing around with the cards on YGOPro. Oh my Gamikai, I love the Trap! Use Eltanin or Nova- maybe even Overload Fusion- and banish a whole bunch of stuff. Then bluff out an MST with Cyber Network, maybe banish one more card for good measure. FIELD FULL OF CYBER DRAGONS!

    Also, throw Constellar Pleiades in there. 2 Level 5 LIGHT monsters? Psssh! Easy!

  7. Hi Baha and Dsummon. It has been a while since you updaed this blog. I ( and I believe some other fans and blog readers) would be interested to hear about both your experience at the asia plus SG qualifiers.

    Suggestion include summary of games, discussion about current meta and cards, decklists, challenges for a 3-team shared banlist, epic moments (destiny draws and dead draws).

    Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.

    - Reader who loves this blog