Friday, November 29, 2013

Asiaplus 2013 Singapore

Meh, too long never update. I prefer to post my short random nonsense on twitter now.
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Just posting some tourney report/looking back.

Team: We are late because of Pokemon

Leader: Alex "AngryBoy"  - Evilswarm
Member 1: Me! "bahamut" - Dragon Ruler
Member 2: Clarence "Kurova" - Mermail

The card pool is shared, so the whole team have to follow the restriction list (1 Heavy storm per team, 2 Torrential per team etc)

I not burden! \o/
Final Result: 3rd!

Decklist here:
The lack of standard traps here is because they are all either in the Mermail or Evilswarm deck.

Side and Extra here:
The same can be said here, but its all mostly hatred against Evilswarm.

MVP cards:
I think my opponents did not expect Ghostrick Frost mained. And also did not expect Dragon ruler to actually summon the Noblswam xyz. Both cards definitely a surprise for some.

Feel free to comment about the decklist and I will try to answer some


So how did I lose to Fireking.

He started Tenki into Yaksha and set a card. Cos I have no idea what kind of Fire King deck he's playing, I went to crimson blader it and he destroyed his in hand Barong. I set Book of moon cos I got nothing else interesting to do and he end phase MST.

On his turn Barong searched for Onslaught, and he got Firedog. He normalled another Firedog and make Ark Knight and took my Blader, and then proceed to Rekindling for 4 monsters looool. I died from Ark Knight plus Shock ruler trololol

Won second game but third game I died to fking Rekindling again.

So the conclusion is, fk Fireking and Rekindling lol

Ok im a noob. orz


  1. Congratz with the third place and the fun team name.
    You're using Ghostrick Frost? Nice tech :-D
    And yeah, SHArk Knight seems kind of broken for it only needing 2 random Lv. 4 monsters.
    Question: Why Onslaught of the Fire Kings in side? You only have two targets?

    1. Onslaught into Fencing Fire Ferret to kill ophion or make Noblswarm/Ark knight if need to.

  2. Dear Baha,

    May I ask which duel was your epic chaos barian draw moment where u drew MST?

    How were the spectators, ur teammates and your reaction?


    1. It was my 3rd/4th place match and I drew mst for game2.

      The spectators were more interested in watching the finals and probably only turned when I actually said "barian chaos draw" out loud which I drew MST and immediately scooped.

  3. Hi baha and Dsummon, I am a new duelist trying to form a real life deck. Have been playing online and console games for the past few years

    Would u suggest I buy TCG or OCG cards? Reasons? Which one would be more suitable for tournaments? Local and overseas

    Which do you play?

    Thanks in advance for replying

  4. Just wondering, why do you guys play yugioh?

    Always asked myself that question. Couldn't find a solid answer

  5. what ghostrick frost tech?

  6. When you gonna play geargia deck ? Its a realy good deck

  7. hows the cyber dragon deck looking?