Thursday, August 8, 2013

DSummon off to World Championship 2013!

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts here on my end. Basically been busy with work (Multiple events coming up for day job), life (Just moved house) and YGO (Multiple mini tournament series for Singapore), so haven't had much chance to post. Well, not to mention nothing very exciting about this current format with Prophecy and Dragon Rulers flying around as well. But anyway...

I'm headed to Vegas baby!!! Setting off to the airport in less then an hour for my crazy 20+ flight and transit...

Basically, been invited by Konami again to head over and help out, as usual will be handling some translation work and looking after the players for the Asia side. (Hopefully no translating for TV interviews this time lol)

So what's there to say. I'm sure most of you already know whats going to be at the event (Don't know? Shame on you, go read up here) Mainly looking forward to hopefully winning another mat for myself along with printing some tokens as souvenirs and getting some cards signed from Dan Green and Erica Schroeder. Hoping to try out the Giant Card Challenge as well? Kinda depends on how much free time I have at the event, which usually also depends on how well the Asia players do ^^)

As per the previous Asia Championship 2013, I will not be doing the event coverage at the blog, but will shift it to the YES Facebook instead. Seriously its just alot easier to do updates with short text via Facebook compared to blogging about it. If possible I will do a end of the day blog post here, but the following link is the place to be if you want to see the event coverage live.

YuGiOh Edition Singapore WCS 2013 Event Coverage 
(Random advert: Please like the page for my efforts lol~)

So thats about it. Hoping to meet more blog / YES Facebook readers as well so if you see a guy wearing a DuelingDays shirt.... Yeah, its probably me, so do say hi!


  1. They transmit the world tournament in alive as the previous year?

    1. Yup, they will do live streaming for day 2 at the link below

  2. where can we find you on facebook?