Friday, July 26, 2013

Less than a month from new list

This format is the shittiest.

Play Dragons/Prophecies or try hard with some cancer deck or dont play at all.

Im not even gonna try to guess what will happen to Dragons and Prophecies.

But instead Im gonna touch on the decks that are good but got pushed aside because the 2 shit decks appeared.

All these under the assumption that Dragons and Prophecies are nerfed in some ways.


Tenki should go to 2 (Firefist or anything beast warrior like Bujin)

Atlantean Dragoon should go to 1 (cos this plus Stream or Tidal is OTK)

Rekindling should go to 2 (3 Axis is broken)

Ophion should go to 1 lol (fuck ophion, really)

Mezuki should go to 2 (cos Vampires are too shitty)

And cards that should be unbanned?

Magician of Faith. Too slow since 2008.


I don't know, doing banlist prediction is not fun anymore lol.


  1. GUB to 1 bcause the synchro monsters in JOTL (TCG)

  2. Atlantans dragons cz bixuannnnnn

  3. "Atlantean Dragoon should go to 1 (cos this plus Stream or Tidal is OTK)"
    maybe I miss the class. would u tell the combo to OTK with those cards?

  4. Stream + dragoon
    - get tidal, search diva
    - Diva get Marksman
    - Diva + Tidal into
    - Summon back Tidal
    == 2600 + 1400 + 3100 + (1800) = 8900

    Tidal + Dragoon
    - Tidal Discard dragoon to discard Zephyrus

    - Dragoon get Diva
    - Diva SP Infantry
    - Zephyrus bounce back Diva
    - Summon Diva again via Infantry and get Marksman
    - Diva + Infantry for Daigusto Phoenix
    - MP2 make Gagaga Cowboy
    == 3000 + 1400 + (1800)

    1. 3000 + 1600 + 1400 +(1800)+ 800

    2. i hate this combo but am also glad its not popular in the TCG atm.

  5. 0.0
    Wow, thanks om baha.

  6. I honestly Disagree with the fact this format is shitty, i find with the current support out its atleast not play meta or play something bad as it has been the past 4 years. I don't usually have that much an issue with e-dragons especially with the release of Flying "C", and with some of the stuff out in shadow specters that japan got, I don't see how they are going to keep dominating.

    If they wanna not touch Prophecy and Dragon Rulers.... just bring back imperial order and royal oppression back to one. those two cards even at one single handedly deal with them. But thats not how Konami thinks.

    I honestly want these cards to come back
    Glow-Up Bulb
    Magician of Faith
    Destiny Hero Disk Commander

    Solemn Warning
    Solemn Judgment

    1. Hahaha glow up bulb is not gonna happen glow up + dragon rulers = instant crimson blader or any lvl 8 syncro.

    2. Judgment of the Light and Shadow Spectres does nothing to the 2 decks.

      Bujin, Ghost Trick, Vampires, Plants or whatever is all shit to Dragons/Prophecy.

  7. Just have banned Combos/ Restricted Combos. Enough said end of story

    For example if Card A is present in a deck then Card B cannot be in the deck as well. Or a restricted number of this Card A if Card B is in the deck or vice versa. This can also apply for Extra Decks too.

    Currently this type of banlist is in use for Duelmasters
    and so far it has being working well for them.

    Just pray the new way of deck contruction this coming Sept is this way. A lot of things will change since most of the cards that are hit in the banlist are due to the insane combos they pull up together.