Sunday, March 3, 2013

[Deck]Machines Everything Goes

Hi Everyone, as everyone requested, here's the decklist of the crazy insane machine deck that you saw Baha using in the previous video! Click on read more for more info.

Deck Name: Machines Everything Goes [41]

Monster [31]

[3] Redox
[2] Machina Fortress
[1] Machina Gearframe
[2] Geargiarsenal
[3] Geargiarmor
[3] Geargiaccelerator
[3] Tin Goldfish
[1] Green Gadget
[1] Red Gadget
[1] Yellow Gadget
[3] Karakuri Watchdog Saizan
[2] Karakuri Strategist Nishipachi
[1] Karakuri Ninja Kuick
[3] Effect Veiler
[2] Psychic Commander

Spell [10]

[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Monster Reborn
[3] Double Summon
[3] Emergency Teleport
[1] My Body as a Shield
[1] Pot of Avarice


[3] Phantom Beast Plane Dragosac
[2] No 11 Big Eye
[1] Gear Gigant X
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Ancient Fairy Dragon
[1] Naturia Landoise
[1] Crimson Blader
[2] Karakuri Bureido
[3] Karakuri Burei

Some tech choices
Gadget - 1 set of Gadget is just about to use with Goldfish in case hand is bad. Just also to make sure you have enough 4 star non tuners, plus refresh hand for Redox and of course deck thinning

Machina stuff - Fortress to clear random problem stuff on field, Xyz into Drago-Sack / Big Eye, with Gearframe to search out and also equip to stuff in case of Catastor

3 Veilers as only defence - Stops opponents stuff (hopefully) or synchro with 7 star for Bureido love

As you can figure out, the main deck runs mostly on Geargiarmor and using Karakuris to flip up and do crazy field building. And of course Drago-Sack with tokens is pretty fit on the field, as long as your opponent does not make some Big Eye etc. However, it is not the only way to make double Burei, since you have other advantage inducing cards such as Gadgets, Gearframe etc. Combined with Redox, even if your opponent has a Veiler it may not even be anywhere near enough to stop you from field building.

Deck runs well, though not exactly my favourite deck at the moment, since its too defenceless (Yes I usually like to all out opponent, but too many crazy stuff that earns even more now, such as Spellbook nonsense)

Honestly using this at YGOPRO previously I actually have probably like a 70+% win rate? (At 1 time had like 2000+ ranking points lol) Deck is pretty fun though, and actually lots more to play around with if you are interested (Some Mecha Phantom Beast Tether-Wolf or Fusilier Dragon to make even more rank 7 anyone?) though of course not extremely stable (Especially when you are me and draw some 2 Psychic Commander and 2 Teleport in first hand even in YGOPRO).

If you are interested, I would recommend you to try this at locals for fun! Went 3-2 in a 5 round swiss recently though sadly didnt 1 of my loses was to someone who had a Bye win so my tiebreaker was pretty crap. Watch the video below for some gameplay between me and Baha with his Tempest Dragunity deck!

*Soon to come, deck list for much more balanced pure Karakuris with Redox. I topped 4 with it today!

* Go into YouTube itself and check under video responses for round 2 and 3, where I died like a dog from Solemn Judgement


  1. incarnate hero deck list?

  2. dragunity incarnate deck list please?

  3. I want the librarian stahp decklist, I wanna main that shit, pleaaaasssssseeee post it :)

  4. Great duel your vids are always fun to watch learned alot by watching them.

  5. Ds, 2 psychic commander and 2 e tele only, I still have Baha's picture of 3 tele 3 krebons and drawing psychic commander on the next turn lol

  6. 26 monsters? O_o
    You forgot Veilers and... something...

  7. Ah yes, not used to having so many stuff in the monsters list lol. Thanks for noticing~

  8. Me want the dragunity decklist!

  9. Just a question to ask (because yeah it has Gears) : if you send Geargiaccelerator for a Synchro Summon, you miss the timing, right ? I had an issue with a friend and he doesn't trust me at all just because he did 2 regionals...

    1. Yeah, you miss the timing since it's optional. Just like Jinzo Returner

  10. Great deck! Perfect to be exact. I played Yugi oh and I only won for like 4 times. I love a deck with full of magic and trap cards and cards with effects. Thanks for sharing your deck! It's pretty perfect for me.
    size genetics

  11. Hey... Maybe its the wrong thread or article... but do u have any idea for a March 2013 Scrap Deck? I loved the deck u build last year in june... so i have to ask if u have an idea :)

    kind regards
    Eichi :)

    1. Scrap is tentatively scrapped, as the deck is a little bit too slow for the current meta. I am looking at rebuilding the deck eventually with the additions of Redox and spamming of Scrap Golems, but not anytime soon.

      Too many machine cards released recently!!

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  13. from dueling days