Wednesday, March 6, 2013

[Deck] Karakuri 6 Draw

Hi everyone, I know I said that I would be posting up the stable Karakuris but then I found something much much more fun! Click on the video for a quick gameplay video, then if that pips your interest, click on read more!

First up! Deck list of course, heres the decklist!

Deck Name: Karakuri 6 Draw [41]

Monster [26]

[2] Machina Fortress
[3] Redox, the Rock Incarnate Dragon
[3] Reactan, the Earth Incarnate Dragon
[2] Karakuri Ninja Kuick
[2] Karakuri Soldier Nisamu
[1] Psychic Commander
[2] Karakuri Strategist Nishipachi
[3] Karakuri Komachi Ninishi
[1] Krebons
[1] Bolt Hedgehog
[3] Karakuri Barrel Shinkuro
[3] Effect Veiler

Spell [12]

[3] Instant Fusion
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Pot of Avarice
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] Monster Reborn
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon
[3] Emergency Teleport

Traps [3]
[2] Fiendish Chain
[1] Solemn Judgement


[1] Phantom Beast Plane Dragosac
[1] No 11 Big Eye
[1] Enthusiastic Coaching King Giantrainer
[1] No 42 Starship Galaxy Tomahawk
[1] Stardust Dragon
[1] Naturia Beast
[1] AOJ Catastor
[3] Karakuri Bureido
[3] Karakuri Burei
[2] Cyber Saurus

Basic deck combo:
Step 1: 4 star Machine with 3 star tuner (Teleport, Komachi, etc) / Instant Fusion + Krebons for Burei + Shinkuro
Step 2: Another 7 star monster on field (Machina Fortress, Reactan, Redox, step 1 + additional teleport)
Step 3: Xyz the 2 7 stars for Tomahawk, effect for 3 level 6 tokens
Step 4: Token + Shinkuro for Bureido + Shinkuro
Step 5: Repeat till 3 Bureido, final Karakuri summon Strategist, draw 3
Step 6: Xyz all 3 Bureidos for Giantrainer, effect for another 3 draws
Optional Step 7: Foolish burial / Instant fusion for Naturia Beast / Stardust

Deck has many different methods to make the Tomahawk, since you have options of Reactan, Redox, Fortress, classic Burei summoning methods etc. End point you just want to make sure you get to the point of a lv 2 tuner on field with Tomahawk on the field. Once you are there, proceed to draw 6 lol.

We have some space, therefore we throw in stuff like Veilers, Fiendish Chain etc for certain amount of defense. Furthermore your field is easily protected through Stardust / Beast (Considering your crazy burning through of monsters and drawing 6 cards, good chance you draw either a Foolish Burial or Instant Fusion. You can even draw the Hedgehog, discard it for Fortress then go for Beast)

Tech choices:
Bolt Hedgehog & Foolish Burial - Originally was meant to be couple of Merchants with a Cash Cache. However chances are you may have used your normal summon, since you have to either normal summon a tuner, or use it to Komachi to Burei, so Bolt + Burial seemed much more efficient. Burial also gets you Redox should you need it.

Krebons- Krebons lets you make level 7 with Instant Fusion, also works as additional lv 2 tuner with Teleport, in case you draw a Shinkuro in hand

Rest of the deck seems pretty legit to me as the only way to go for it to spam level 7s. Originally planned to also throw in a full Machina engine inside, but there is pretty limited space here so decided against it.

Deck works out pretty well. Even if you have a Shinkuro in hand, chances are you can still make at least 2 Bureidos, which normal situations will still give you a pretty good lead over your opponent. Furthermore Tomahawk's 3k butt is a bitch to kill lol. Aside from Black Hole / Torrential, Tomahawk has not died before.

The deck is fun to play with. My only gripe is Tomahawk's effect makes you unable to deal damage which is sad, but at least you can still go for Ninja in case you cant build the full field. Though you probably wont want to summon Giantrainer if you start 2nd, since you even skip your battle phase totally. Bureidos on field are pretty fit anyway lol.

Thats all for the crazy deck today, hope you enjoy it!


  1. ..and here I am in TCG land without these awesome cards. (Giantrainer, Tomahawk, Redox and Reactan)

    GJ nevertheless! Reminds me of the Jinzo Returner w/Future Fusion into 3x Bureido deck :p

  2. If playing competitively, is this better than stable karakuris with redox?

    good job, master DS!

    1. lol, I think the stable one is still better simply because you have no chance of random Shinkuro stuck in hand with no job. And of course in return you get space to play abit more defences, you are also less weak to cards like Maxx C / Veilers.

      This build is tons more fun though, lol. Im loving it

  3. Good article and nice that you added some links for the exceed cards.

    1. Thanks! We also generally add in links for the more unknown cards, especially those that are not out in TCG yet.

      Of course unless we already spent very long showcasing them, in this case the Incarnate Dragons

  4. Sir DS, when are you going to put up the stable Karakuri decklist? Just curious. =)

    1. Somehow having too much fun with all the random builds for now lol. Plus its good practice for training up to find any other potential good stuff for Karakuris lol

  5. I just tried this deck a couple of times on DuelingNetwork, and it's amazing. I ended my opening turn with 9 cards in hand, and a field of tomahawk, giantrainer, and stardust, with a solemn in back field.

    1. You should check out our Youtube page for the new alternate version. It gets crazier!

  6. whey ds . . what song did you play i love the song :D

    1. Song is Shuffle by Okui Masami. Its one of the opening theme songs for the very original YGO anime series!

  7. sir dsummon can u put up the decklist of the improved version of this deck that u played on ure youtube channel plz!