Wednesday, January 30, 2013

YuGiOh Gameplay Experience

Finally got a video up! Not on our DD YouTube page (Honestly not much time for that for now) but on my current baby, YES (YuGiOh Edition Singapore). Here's what Im currently busy with as part of Singapore's efforts to drive YuGiOh!

Pretty busy with the beginner session, had over 20+ participants. Its pretty fun to see people new to YuGiOh trying to figure out the cards and reading through the Japanese translations as they play the game. Photos are also on the page. I'm pretty interested to also see how the first rental deck tournament will turn out this Sunday too.

And of course we also created our own tutorial video for the beginner session with the help of Dogchain from Duel Society who is helping me with YES together with Mango. Not a professional creation but I still think we did pretty good, enjoy the video and feel free to share it with any friends you may want to introduce to YuGiOh!

PS: Help to like the YES FB page!

Yeah, i know its abit cheesy, but we wanted a video that would appeal to the younger crowd as well so we thought this style would work best.

*Starring our very own Bahamut84 on the right! Not that you would realise though lol


  1. Very good job, keep it up. Hope we get an influx of new players through your efforts.

  2. Great Video!
    But I think you forgot to cover main phase 2 and End phase :p

    1. Its mentioned actually. At 4:42 and onwards, though not covered in detail since MP2 is similar to MP1 and there isnt anything much to cover for EP at the beginner level.

      Think you missed it cause you saw Utopia's final attack, which that one is not sharing about BP but sharing on win condition actually