Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Off to Japan! WCS 2012 series

Hi everyone! As you may have guessed from my post title, I'm heading off to Japan for the Worlds Championship 2012! (Before anyone asks, no I'm going alone with the SG rep, Wesley Seek, Baha is not able to make it)

Had originally planned to announce this earlier but been abit busy with my new job (story of my life) so haven't really had chance to post about it till now. So what's going on? Here's just a few facts to share!

  • Worlds will be held this weekend on 11 - 12 August
  • Venue will be at Tokyo Mid-Town where their Konami YGO shop is as well. See here for what it looks like when we went last year
  • Players will be staying at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Most players will arrive in Japan on 10 Aug for the usual welcome dinner, I'm heading 1 day earlier to go to holy land Akiba since SG has a holiday)
  • Tournament format is the usual day one 5 round Swiss cut to top 8 in day 2 playoffs
  • My job is the usual guardian cum translator with an additional distributor rep status cause the SG distributor can't send someone

What do YGO players do when waiting for flights?

(Guy in black is our rep, rest are his friends sending him off)

So what's going on for now? I'm taking the midnight flight to Japan and due to arrive Japan time 8am. From there I will hit the streets since I only start 'work' from Friday afternoon. Anyway I will be in Japan all the way till Monday where I take the 9pm flight back.


So remember to check out the blog over the next few days! I promise i will take the effort to update the blog as best as I can lol. Few interesting things to do to check off on my list.

  1. Prayer updates at Shrine
  2. Visit Resident Evil Cafe (you read that correctly)
  3. Visit Capcom Bar (you read that correctly again)
  4. Get cards and shirts at Akihabara
  5. Visit Comiket (only 2 hours to spend there though, damn!)
  6. Eat awesome mochi from Akiba and drink awesome lemon water
So yup, thats my mini checklist for things to do. About going to go and check in soon. Next post should be tomorrow night so make sure you are back!



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