Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bahamut's super special awesome banlist

"We should have a blogger comp to see whose list is the closest" - Not me

Let's do this! Explanations don't really matter.


Monster Reborn
OTK enabler.

Wind Up Hunter
No more Windup loop. The theme itself is fine, the hand discard loop is not. The Windup loop is obviously too good and too easy to do.

Gateway of the Six
Infinite loop enabler, GTFO.


Inzektor Dragonfly
I pick this over Centipede =D

One REDMD means you can't Gustaph Max in Hieratics and you can't do rubbish infinite wall with Light Pulsar. I mean you still can, but random DD Crow and then suddenly Pulsar has no more business in the deck other than getting jank Darkflare.

Ultimate Offering
One card to OTK with Gadgets and Madolches.

E Hero Bubbleman
Problem solved, no more Arrive Hero nonsense. Now you may all go back to playing the boring Anti-meta Hero Beat. Before people put Bubbleman, the deck was "fine", right?

Hieratic Seal of Convocation
I think this will get hit because even though the REDMD otk is dead, there is still the Gishki Hieratic deck which is also retarded. First turn discard 2-3 cards and opponent probably knows every other cards that are left in your hand while you have to fight multiple M7 and usually a Bounzer. This is the only Hieratic deck that I see people are actually playing in the Japanese tournaments, no one cares about the regular Hieratic deck anymore cos Maxx C OP =/

Semi Limited

Rescue Rabbit
( ̄▽ ̄)

( ̄▽ ̄) This card too stronk!


Does anybody still care what goes to 3 anymore aside from cards like Malicious and Tengu.

Spore and Bulb!
Because I love them very much even when I draw them in my starting hand all the time together with veilers and One for One. Best times! I have tried every combination, both commons, Ultimate Bulb + common Spore, Super Spore + Ultimate Bulb, common Bulb and Super Spore etc. I still draw them together, but Bulb never mills Spore. Conspiracy.


y this list so boring?

These are some of the cards that I feel are the problem-cards for this format. Otherwise, I think the rest is fine. I am too lazy to change the limitation of old theme cards like Agents or BF or whatever. They were in the list before most of the nonsense above appear, so I don't see why they should come back.

y u no ban Brionac/Leviair?

Even though the loop exist, I haven't seen a single thing online or offline that a person uses this loop deck with great success. Brionac's interaction with the new SD23 Atlantean cards is crazy, but TCG haven't got theirs, so maybe it will stay for at least another format.

I think the only problem with the current OCG format is,
1: the amount of OTK is too damn high
2: Inzectors destroying other non tier 1 deck (those that has no OTK or have no solid control cards)
3: Windup hand rape (TCG only, but there are rare cases where ppl play it OCG style)

Also, DSummon is going to the WCS in Tokyo this weekend. Look out for the event coverage and random breakfast photos.


  1. ocg style wind-up , 4 lvl 3 on the field and you can loop all 5 of the opponent hand cards with daigusta emerald. heck , you dont even need to draw pot of avarice to loop their entire hand. it is THAT broken.
    few players in my locals have this deck.

  2. **GIVE ME "TWO" MEZUKIs! (^0^)
    idk about GUB, dont see him returning though (T.T)

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  4. Gateway of the Six
    Infinite loop enabler, GTFO.

    (Looks at Infernity Archfiend)