Monday, June 4, 2012

[Deck] Machina Karakuri Geargia / MKG

Hi guys, so today's post is basically an update to the previous Karakuri Geargia deck, where basically the additional Karakuri elements were removed to make space for Machina. Decklist as follows.

Monster [22]
[3] Geargia Armor
[3] Geargia Accel
[2] Geargia Arsenal
[2] Karakuri Watchdog 313
[1] Karakuri Strategist 248
[1] Karakuri Ninja 919
[3] Machina Gearframe
[2] Machina Fortress
[1] Machina Cannon
[1] Ally Genex Birdman
[3] Effect Veiler

Magic [12]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon
[3] Pot of Duality
[1] Limiter Removal
[1] Book of Moon
[2] Iron Call
[1] Pot of Avarice

Trap [6]
[2] Raigeki Break
[2] Solemn Warning
[1] Solemn Judgement
[1] Compulsory Evacuation Device

The deck functions basically in the same manner as the previous Karakuri Geargia build, the only main additional difference is that you gain Machinas into the mix, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. You gain the combo side of the deck with Geargia and Karakuri, compiled with the stability of Machinas. And of course adding in Gearframe tutor together with Armor makes this deck very tutor friendly.

Some cards are now put in as tech selections, such as Birdman, since the deck does not run purely on getting the Geargia Karakuri combo off anymore, but instead allowing you to reuse your Gearframe even if the right situation is in.

Gearframe of course also provides a much more solid choice of search for Gigant X, making it even more advantageous. Previously Gigant X's job was purely for bringing out combo pieces, which is not as useful, especially if your opponent has something you cannot get over on the field. However, with Gearframe, you can simply bring out Fortress the next turn. For an interesting side deck option against OTK decks such as Chaos Dragons, Heirogylphs or Inzektors, consider tutoring for Swift Iron Scarecrow instead. Even if it does not turn out useful, you can discard it as the cost for a Fortress summon.

In all, this version pretty much adds stability into the mix while providing some additional options so I like this version. I will try and improve on the deck in the future. For now, my next tackle will be back to an old theme with a new mix, Scraps! With quick deck cycling and constant abuse of Chimeras with Beast, bringing out a constant stream of strong rank 4 monsters such as Verz Ouroboros and Shock Ruler. Might have that closer towards end of the month so look out for that!


  1. If you had to make a sanctioned-legal version of this deck, what would you replace Birdman and Iron Call with? I put in Emergency Teleport and Psycho Commander in my KMG.

    *I've tried Machina Karakuri Geargia in the Asia format (Philippines) and without DT cards it's not that powerful*

  2. Like I mentioned Birdman is just an extra tech so you can do without it. I would probably replace it nicely with 2 E. Teleport and 1 Psycho Commander, though you can probably then remove 1 Gigant X, since Iron Call is part of what makes Gigant X easy to summon for this deck.

  3. You have to play at least two psychics if you want to fit a teleport engine.

  4. DSummon,could you post a decklist of DarkWorld for the current metagame? It is good to use Tour Guide even without Zenmaines on the extra deck? Thank you.

  5. deck scraps?, I can not wait B)

  6. Why are you running the Machina Cannon?

    1. Discard=special summon Machina Fortress from the grave.

  7. What do you think about Raigeki Break vs. Phoenix Wing Wind Blast vs. Divine Wrath?

  8. @Anonymous I dont agree about Psychics, I would rather just play 1 to prevent drawing it.

    @HeNRiQueZ1M Me and Baha both dont really like Darkworld since its a pretty boring anti meta deck. Dont see why you cant use Tourguide without Zenmaines, but I personally dont see the point of using Tourguide just because. I rather have a deck that has synergy for cards i use. Though some may just say it is that OP that it can be played on its own, so...

    @Anonymous Raigeki Break and PWWB is abit of your own choice. I have played with both, but i think most people prefer Raigeki simply because it is more all rounder. Imagine having to get rid of say, a Rai-Ou, PWWB does crap. However against a combo based deck, PWWB does more damage, say bouncing a Hornet back to top deck after an Inzektor has equipped.

    Divine Wrath is a tech pick which should be picked according to meta. I preferred it last time since there was always the chance of meeting Declarer, and I could just side 1 (Always felt like I should put 2 PWWB or Raigeki at min, dont ask me why lol) But with current meta, Divine Wrath is not very fantastic IMO.

    1. well ... could then post a decklist for a deck of Worms? or do not like them too?

  9. Good post!
    I have a YGO blog too:
    Visit it and give ur opinion pls.
    I like ur blog! ;)

  10. @Anonymous I dont agree about Psychics, I would rather just play 1 to prevent drawing it.

    That's me again.

    If you draw your only Psychic, you'll have two dead Teleports in your deck/hand. If your argument was valid, then people would have been playing Tytannial in the Plant formats. It's not that bad to play an extra Psychic. If you draw one during the game, you can still use its effect or tune it with something you already've got, that's not supposed to be good, but that's still better than risking that imo.

    1. You can still special summon the Psychic from your hand with Teleport. It is a -1 instead of being even though.

  11. Make a Hieratic Dragunity deck

  12. would adding 2 mk2 hurt the deck? cause the mk2 r really good for rank 3 xyz