Monday, April 30, 2012

[Deck] Karakuri Geargia

As promised, here is my Karakuri Geargia deck released! Decklist as follows.

Monster [22]
[3] Geargia Armor
[3] Geargia Accel
[3] Geargia Arsenal

[2] Geargia MKII
[2] Karakuri Watchdog 313
[1] Karakuri Strategist 248
[1] Karakuri Komachi 224
[1] Karakuri Soldier 236
[1] Karakuri Ninja 919
[2] Ally Genex Birdman
[3] Effect Veiler

Magic [12]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[3] Mystical Space Typhoon
[3] Pot of Duality
[1] Limiter Removal
[1] Book of Moon
[2] Iron Call

Trap [6]
[2] Raigeki Break
[2] Solemn Warning
[1] Solemn Judgement
[1] Chain Disappearance

So how does the deck work? Basically the deck revolves gaining field and hand advantage through looping of the Geargia combos. For more info on the pure Geargia usage methods, you can check out my previous post on Gadget Geargia here.

So how does this deck work out with Karakuris? Pretty awesome actually. Basically once you have Armor face down from a previous turn together with any tuner, you are setup for a field flood of Burei + Bureido + Bureido + Karakuri basic. If considering you fetch Strategist, Bureido gives you +2, essentially giving you pretty much a field flood for free, while you have pretty much thinned about 4 cards from the deck. How does that work out? Basic combo as follows.
1. Flip Armor, search Accel and special summon Accel, then set back Armor
2. Normal summon 3/4 star tuner with Accel to make Burei/Bureido
3. If you made Burei, fetch Karakuri Watchdog, if you made Bureido, fetch Karakuri Strategist
4. Use Burei/Strategist effect to flip Armor and search for another Accel which you sp summon
5. Make your Burei/Bureido with the Strategist/Watchdog and Armor, fetch Watchdog
6. Make your 2nd Bureido with Watchdog and the new Accel
7. If you still have Strategist, sp Strategist. If you have no more Strategist (which also means you have not used Burei's effect), summon Ninja, then use Burei's effect to turn Ninja and draw 2

Some of you may complain that the above combo has to wait for 1 turn, making it slow and vulnerable. However, there are actually several ways to make the above field at the cost of 1 additional card through the following method.
1. Summon Arsenal/Armor (use Arsenal to fetch Armor), then sp Accel
2. Bounce Accel using Birdman, then sp Accel again
- From here on, you will notice you basically have the exact same field as the above combo, just carry on from step 2.
PS: If you choose to play E. Teleport for Psycho Commander, it replaces Birdman as well.

The above combos is what makes this deck the new Machina Karakuri, since it gives you a field flood using essentially 2/3 cards to field flood and draw 2. However sadly, this deck typically stops at 2 Bureidos, unless you somehow draw an Iron Call or some other revivals.

Here are some of my reasons for card choices for my deck.
1. Max Arsenal, simply because it tutors for Armor which is pretty essential in this deck. (Kinda like the Gearframe for Machina Karakuri). A lot of people play only 2 which I don't really understand, especially when it is basically the "biggest" basic in this deck, easily reaching 1900 or even 2100 attack.

2. 2 MKII in this deck because it allows me to make Silver Summit, which is pretty much the best rank 3 xyz for this deck. MKII can also bring back Arsenal to tutor for MKII to make that Silver Summit. Assuming Silver Summit successfully gets both its effects through, you essentially +2, with potential +3 if you brought back Armor. And of course MKII has its own Burei flood combo, through MKII bringing back Accel then using Birdman to spam out the field.

3. No Psycho Commander and E. Teleport, simply because 1 week of testing, and drawing 2 Teleport + 1 Commander (When i only have 1 commander in deck) is jank!

4. Only 2 Birdman because I tend to draw more then 1 copy with no Geargia easily when I play 3 somehow... Again more jank...

5. Lastly, why this lineup of Karakuris? Komachi's extra summon brings out Karakuris in my hand (which somehow always find their way there, especially Watchdog), Soldier tutors and I rather have 1 additional Karakuri non-tuner, and Ninja over Haipa is an obvious choice for me. Honestly, I have turned around many games using Ninja in this deck, which I would have scrubbed if I only played Haipa. This is more Karakuris then the builds you see appearing online (2 Watchdog + Strategist + Haipa, nothing else), but I find it slightly more stable. Especially when you end up drawing your Karakuri tuners all in hand you are pretty much dead... Komachi helps to even out the odds in this situation.

In all, this deck is pretty much built with consideration of deck stability and my ever 'awesome' luck more then anything else. End result is I find this deck to be more stable then the builds you would see appearing online, though also slightly less explosive due to the stability. So when you build this deck, you may not want to exactly follow my build since you would be missing out on some of the combos, such as using Psycho Commander for much easier spam. However if your luck sucks like mine, you should give my version a shot, lol!

Last thoughts on this deck is... This deck is pretty hard to play. If you keep drawing the standard combo key cards then sure, the highest profit combos are basically listed above. Problem is when you draw the more unusual hands, then you have to really consider how would you work towards setting up your combo (e.g. through Gigant X, Silver Summit). However after you have learnt more on playing this deck,  and learning more on the right choices to make, well, the deck is honestly pretty fun to play and pretty strong too. Definitely loads more fun then Inzektors lol.


  1. Agree with your last word.


  2. I builded it pretty much the same way, only changes are in the trap set.
    It's like this, only with few changement in I-don't-remember-where, because his shot is from 2/3 days ago.

  3. If I want to try putting in 2 Psychic Commander + 2 Emergency Teleport, which cards should I take out? Aside from the 2x Birdman?

    P.S. Iron Call is boss. XD

  4. I think there is no need for triple Arsenal, even with Iron Calls, you only need 2


  6. can you publish some videos with this deck in action?

  7. You don't like Mind Control in this deck ?

  8. @YuGIEra Well, the triple Arsenal as said, is meant for deck stability to tutor out Armor. If I always had either one in my first hand, I would play 2 as well. However as my awesome luck would have it....

    @The_Magus_Killer Well, my original version with the 2 E.Teleport and 1 Commander did not have 1 Arsenal, 1 Duality and 1 Chain Disappearance.

    @Road Did try, but somehow was never really very useful.

    Lastly I do hope to put up some videos, though it may take awhile as I am rather busy with my day job at the moment...

    1. I really think he would benefit more from a Dark Hole or another Chain Disappearance

  9. nice deck build although i would run either kuick in my opinion right now im doing combination geargia with rescue rabbit so far i won a lot of matches with it. the question i want to ask you is can you make a decklist with geargia with rescue rabbit

  10. Actually Karakuri Ninja IS Kuick, lol. For Rescue Rabbit's part I assume you refer to Sabersaurus for Raggia? Or are you referring to maybe using Mecha Hunters for Gigant X? Either way both decks do not have a real synergy link to playing together with Geargia IMO.

    I am considering playing a Rescue Rabbit deck which would make Gigant X maybe, though I would not run them together with Geargia since I do not really see the synergy there. With Karakuris maybe, since Rescue Rabbit using Mecha Hunters would allow for Black Salvo to create some Karakuri fun.

  11. thanks man for seeing my comment the deck list i have runs more of the machine version the normal monsters of only mechinalchaser to blockers since both of them are dark then i run 2 salvo for emergency synchro or flooding the field as for the sabersaurus i havent try that yet considering laggia in machines just doesnt work to me ill show you my decklist

    1. Monsters x 23
      3x Rescue Rabbit
      3x Geargiaccel
      3x Black Salvo
      3x Blocker
      3x Mechinalchaser
      3x Geargiarmor
      2x Dekochi the Locomotive
      3x Geargiarsenal
      This is for the monster lineup this version is a test version with salvo i will change to a secondary version of the deck and i will let you know the results are

      Spells x 11
      2x Pot of Duality
      2x Iron Call
      2x Mystical space typhoon
      1x Pot of Avarice
      1x Dark Hole
      1x Monster Reborn
      1x Heavy Storm
      1x Book of Moon

      Traps x 8
      2x Compuslory evacuation Device
      2x Solemn Warning
      2x Fiendish Chain
      2x Torrential Tribute

    2. if you see this DSummon thank you for noticing my decklist for the geargia Rabbit i know it needs a lot of work and even i won a lot of duels with this deck i can always look for improvement this is acetherevolver from dueling network saying many thanks and hope to talk to you soon

  12. Hmmmm, why not make it into a chaos build? Rather then using Blocker which do not have offensive capabilities, use X-Head Cannon as well. With these 2 you can have a pretty much throw in the usual Chaos stuff. You could even try using Genex Neutrons for extra light, then throwing in Birdman to use together with Chaos Sorcerer for Kurokishian.

    Though of course with the above suggestions, you won't really have much space left for Geargia possibly. No allure of darkness for all your dark monsters? I also wouldn't use Torrential Tribute since you would want either your Geargiarmor or Gigant X to stay alive assuming you managed to summon it. Raigeki break may be more suitable since you may have dead yellow skins to discard?

    Well, thats how i myself will build the deck, may not fit your liking though.

  13. thanks for your honest opinion i know the deck needs suggestions i just want to test out a theory if rabbit could with geargias the version is successful but i will try out x-head cannons see if i can make a chaos version you works most of the time and i changed the spell and trap lineups for the deck of rabbi-geargia right now i doing another of the deck but running geargano mks for rank 3 summon thanks for seeing the comments ill let you know if anything happens

  14. I run a modified build with 1 Nishipachi and 1 Burei. I Armor -> Accel into Giganto first, then go into Burei, and finally make another Synchro/Xyz. It's less explosive, but I think it's slightly easier to recover after a field nuke next turn/etc. I also find going into Leviair to bring back Birdman for another Synchro a neat trick. Haven't found the usefulness of Snowpeak yet - I think Leviair works better in my build (I run 3 Birdman.)

    It's annoying when I draw my only Nishipachi, but realizing Armor gets another search from it means I'll complain less, I guess.

  15. The_Magus_KillerMay 16, 2012 at 9:39 PM

    DSummon, what would you replace Iron Call and Ally Genex Birdman with if you had to make this deck sanctioned-legal in the Asian format? Since DT cards are not allowed?

  16. Tested this, and took out Utopia(hope) for No.11 Big Eye and its been doing well