Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome to the new format!

It is now March 1st. Just finished up the funeral of Spore,Bulb, Trishula and Dustshoot.

Things to look out for for the next 2 months in case it wasn't obvious enough.

Tier 1
- Laggia (Verz, Cosmos, Jurrac or everything mixed in)
- Inzektors
- Hieroglyph (despite consistency issues, it is still one crazy ass deck that has a Dark Strike Fighter)

Tier 2
- Laval
- Hero Beat
- Karakuri
- Infernity

Isn't it wonderful, there are so many decks that can be played competitively now.

Next expansion is mid April, and it is a Green pack. Yugioh History says all Green packs are awesome, true story. Who can forget Magic Ruler which probably have the most banned cards in one expansion.


Also I wanna mention a random deck that is topping several OCG tourneys (new format).

It is Dragunity!

This is because they can summon Atums and REDMD too. Konami planned well, most of the Dragunity Synchro are LV 6. Not to mention they can also side Koaki Meiru Drago against Hieroglyphs, TG Agents, Verz or whatever random Light/Dark deck.

I went and try it on DN anyways. Combination of Zephyrus and Ravine totally wins game. Summoned Atum and REDMD with just these 2 cards. Madness.


  1. cool tiers. but now most of them is looking for demon chain, just for their verz laggia deck or other decks.. and all of them, including me can just suck thumb and proxy till someone sells.. sigh.....

  2. how do u get 2 synchros in 1 turn?

  3. I'm slow. How did u summon out atums and REDMD with just ravine and zephyros? Care to elaborate? Thanks lot.

  4. ravine-->discard zephyros take phalanx, special summon zephyros, play ravine, discard phalanx search dux. summon dux, special summon phalanx synchro summon Vajrayana, special summon phalanx synchro into a second Vajrayana summon phalanx again. xyz into atumus remove phalanx fo redmd or summon redmd from deck.
    Is it correct?

  5. How about agent angel? is it dead?

    1. Not really dead, but why would you play a weakened deck when you can play the untouched deck like Inzector or Laggia.

  6. Hieroglyphics have a Dark Strike Fighter?
    Which card is that?

    1. Gustaph Max. It doesn't have the same effect but it still deals good damage. Is a Xyz and when you detach a material, deals 2000 lp damage.

  7. The Ocg format is so interesting while ours only have 3 main decks which are the worst from the OCG(apart from wind up which is not competitive on the Ocg)

  8. Which version of Infernitys will be tier 2?

  9. I won the 3th reginals with wind-ups and now im considerating Hieroglyphs to be rolling the thing is how good will be winds to this new format?
    should i sell them now?or keep them.

  10. Would you please provide your Dragunity decklist?
    Do you think it could be competitive with Veiler, Fiendish chain and Maxx 'C's running around?

    1. lol every new deck idea gets the same question if it can survive Veiler, Fiendish chain and maxx c running around.

      Hieroglyph and Inzector are both vulnerable to the above, that doesn't stop people from playing them.

  11. what about evol deck? aren t these monsters interesting?