Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let's play Hieroglyph Dragon/Seikoku (聖刻)

The new arch type which is introduced in the latest OCG expansion Galactic Overlord.

The theme of the deck revolves around tributing their monsters for effects and summons an additional Vanilla monster from the Deck, Hand or Grave when they are tributed.

I talked about them previously in this post.

For those interested and wants to read all the available cards.

So anyway, there are many ways of playing the deck. I have seen several version and I'll just highlight a few.

1) The Pure Build
2) The Atums Build
3) The Hanzo Build
4) The Neo Galaxy Turbo Build

The Pure Build

As the name implies, this build runs almost everything the arch type has to offer. The main play style would be leaning to more of a Control Deck as they abuse the multiple copies of Seal of Reflection and Seal of Erasure while getting the balls out and then summoning Rank 8 XYZ for their Boss monster finish.

The Atums Build

This is my build of choice and probably the most popular. It can do easy OTK by spamming Atums and getting Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon on to the field to special summon even more big beaters. This build would not run the balls since they are LV8 and would opt to go for the LV 6 Watt Dragon or Luster Dragon. The deck can perform easy 3 card OTKs.

The Hanzo Build

Obviously this build runs Hanzo and Super Transformation Ninjutsu Art on top of the Atums build. The addition of Hanzo makes this deck a little more versatile since you have more field removal and easy access to the higher level dragons while removing opponent's threat monsters such as E Hero Shining (or anything over 3000). I have not tested this yet so I don't really have much to put here lol.

The Neo Galaxy Turbo Build

This deck focus on nothing else but getting Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon on the field via Dragonic Tactics, overlay with 2 Balls and summon a Neo Galaxy Eyes with effect, which is almost a win condition by itself. Not many decks can answer to it but I feel that this build is not as good as hyped lol. Neo Galaxy, while pretty much invincible to most stuff, dies to Honest, Machina Fortress, or a well timed Effect Veiler with some traps. Ok neo galaxy sucks.


Monster = 19

[3] Effect Veiler
[3] Card Car D
[3] Hieroglyph Dragon Shuu
[3] Hieroglyph Dragon Aset
[2] Hieroglyph Dragon Tofeni
[3] Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
[2] Watt Dragon

Spell = 12

[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Heavy Storm
[3] Pot of Duality
[3] Hieroglyph Seal of Gathering
[3] MST

Trap = 9

[1] Solemn Judgment
[2] Solemn Warning
[2] Call of the Haunted
[2] Fiendish Chain
[2] Torrential Tribute

[3] Hieroglyph Dragon King - Atums
[3] Thunderclap Knight Gaia Dragoon
[1] No 25 Focus Force
[1] Photon Streak Bouncer
[1] Sacred M7
[1] Gustaph Max
[?] Random stuff, the stuff above is a "must put"

Note: This deck is for the new banlist.

Card explanation.

Card Car D
Pot of Greed in exchange for your turn. This decks needs to get the combo pieces ASAP, so this card is a nice fit into the deck.

Pot of Duality
Same reason as Card Car D. Duality into Card Car D for delicious cycling of your deck.

Effect Veilers/Fiendish Chain
Mirror match and Inzektors. Keep you alive from leaving yourself open after Card Car D.

Why No Geib?

It is quite pointless in this deck. It does nothing when tributed in this version of the deck since I don't run the LV8 vanilla.

This build is to fight Inzectors since they are the top meta deck now as TG Agents are out of the picture. You will find yourself getting destroyed by other decks such as Hero though.


Combo time.

- Aset/Tofeni normal or special, tribute Special for Shuu
- Aset/Tofeni will trigger when tributed and you get Watt Dragon from anywhere
- Shuu and Electail Overlay into Atums
- Atums detach Shuu get REDMD from Deck
- REDMD sp back Shuu

That is the basic combo which is a +1 (even though REDMD has 0 stats).

If your opponent fails to clear the board, you repeat again and increase the card advantage gap.

If you have another Shuu in hand,
- Tribute the on field Shuu (or use the effect to MST stuff on field)
- SP another Watt Dragon
- Overlay another Atums
- Get another REDMD and SP back Watt Dragon (or Shuu, depending what you detached)
- Overlay both 0 stats REDMD for Gustaph Max
- Overlay both Atums into Gaia Dragoon
- 2600 2600 3000 2500 and a 2000 burn

Things can get even more creative if you have another REDMD in hand or some form of revival card like Reborn/Call.


  1. What would you recommend as the last 5 slots for the extra deck?

  2. The deck seens pretty awsome but what about a mix beetween the Hanzo Build and the Galxy?

  3. reason for no Holy Marked of Reflection?

  4. can this deck kill decks like laval and six sam too???

    1. No because six sam and laval deck are clearly champion decks.

    2. When you talk about Neo Galaxy, seems like you imply that he can negate every face-up cards always. But ruling say he can only negate cards that are face-up when he's summoned. So basically is killable by everything is played after his summon, not only machina or trap after veiler.

    3. It is meant to be an otk deck.

      And this was before all the rulings came up =/

    4. @Anon: any well played deck can kill Laval and Six Sam.

  5. to anyone or baha: at this situation , of the banlist, u will recommend which decks? hero beat,laval, or dimansion lagia??? . to kill off inzectors??

    1. The fact that you have to ask which deck to recommend means you have no idea wat is going on.

      So recommend also no use.

    2. i'm just asking politely due to 1 year since i left yugioh and i wanna come back and start again. so i wondering which to start on. so i don't see why your comment have to be slightly rude while as if u know everything ........... while my question is not prior to what u reply. so please don't comment on it .. its better that there is another kind soul or lets say DS or baha reply on it. not u ......

    3. Top meta is inzector, rabbit ragia and hero beat (or at least in Singapore)

    4. speaking of rabbit ragia, its ex right , due to verz heliolope, jurrac guaiba and verz thunderbird???

    5. If you intend to play competitively, deck price shouldnt be an issue.

  6. Replies
    1. Haven't really tried it, but usually 3 MST and a storm is good enough =/

  7. Baha you don't play with inferno reckless summon?

    1. @Baha: Cuz, when REDMD is sp'ed (becones 0atk), you can used inferno to come out 2 more?
      @Anon: You can use this card but consistency issue.

    2. Yes I know what the card does, but what is the point if it lets my opponent summon more stuff as well.

      And it is a card that works only with REDMD in the whole deck.

  8. So what would you say would be good side deck choices against this deck? I was thinking Mask of Restrict would completely shut the deck down. I have a feeling that before long this will be a top deck over here in the TCG and I wanna pick up side deck cards now while their cheap.

    1. side deck skill drain? they can't even use their field effects. but otheer top decks can easily kill this.Take hero beat as an example...

    2. well i play dino rabbit so skill drain would be quite a hindrance to me lol

    3. then play verz ophion :) it will literally stop them.

    4. @AlphaOmega:
      Play Chain D. 0ATK REDMD are good food for it. I starting to main 2 of them in my deck already. No time for side deck. Will 70% face this kind of decks. Give an element of surprise

    5. I'm a TCG player guys, we don't have Verz Ophion or any Verz support cards out yet...I'm still thinking that Mask of Restrict would be the best option since the entire deck revolves around tributing. I can see how Chain D. works too. But I guess with double Torrential this archetype shouldn't be a big problem once it hits the TCG.

    6. Mask of restrict, Light imprisoning mirrors, debunk, chain disappearence, fossil dino, effect veiler, maxx c, thunder king.... etc etc. Not to mention most plays this deck has goes around opponent having a monster. so many cards to side against this deck. KOAKI MEIRU DRAGO shut this deck down. Tcg doesn't have rank monsters like ocg, this deck may top 32 but thats about it. Kill the normal monsters off and the deck dies. Decent in OCG, Hyped in TCG.

    7. Mentioning all the cards that destroys this deck doesn't automatically make this deck bad.

    8. Its not bad in the ocg. In the Tcg however it's not that effective without all the xyz monster ocg has. I love the otk factor super gusto max brings to the deck

    9. Don't worry, TCG will give it some form of exclusive that will make the archtype retarded.

  9. @AlphaOmega: Or for better option. Plant in safe zone. If inzektor targets safe zone, just used it to equip to the inzektor and take it down with it

    - Jay Wong

  10. Just asking how much is one atum now?