Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tourney @ JCube 25 March 2012

Deck used: Hieroglyph
Participants: 30
Format: 4 Rounds Swiss + top 8

Round 1: Vs Sorry didnt get yourname/Inzector
1: After Card Car D and Duality farming for several turns I got my pieces first and went for OTK.
2: Photon Streak Bouncer and REDMD beatdown.

Round 2: Vs Calvin/Hieroglyph
1: Hiero OTK
2: Some REDMD beatdown.

Round 3: Vs Stark/Infernity
1: Hiero OTK
2: Hiero OTK + Electric Virus on Void Ogre Dragon

Round 4: Vs Ash/Dimension Laggia (or something)
1: Hiero OTK
2: He started with Laggia. I had Electric Virus, Tofeni, WattDragon and 2 Forbidden Lance. I Special Tofeni, took Laggia with Virus, at this point I thought I could OTK him since I had 2 lance. I tribute Tofeni for Wattdragon and he still had no response and grabbed a Luster Dragon. I was sure I could OTK so I made Atum and met Warning trololol.
3: Hiero OTK

Full win Curse!

Top 8: Vs Clarence/Inzektors

== Conspiracy happened ==

And I just take prize lol.

Forgiveness for the lousy report, its Hieroglyph. There is nothing much to write about. =/

New addition that I am trying out is Forbidden Lance and a side of Chalice.

Inzektors should die in fire.


  1. "Inzektors should die in fire."
    YES! You are totally correct, my good sir!

  2. You only lost one GAME all day. Pro Baha, pro.

  3. That was....kinda..of a let down!

    But then again it's true that it's an otk deck!

    There are not much different things to talk about as you said!

    "== Conspiracy happened == "

    Since we talk about Clarence, I assume (she??) let you go up as she usually does!

    Congratulations on your win!:)

    1. No actually we just went Rock paper scissors.

      Next time I'll put up a tourney report like "he played scissors, I played paper nooooooooo"


  4. lol it's hiero so almost no report at all

    I thought you trampled inzectors already with those dragons :s

  5. Oh BTW now there's 2 JCubes in Singapore (Dhoby Ghaut and Jurong), so don't get us confused, lol.

  6. how you took laggia with electric virus? i see what u did there ;)

    1. You probably need to read both Electric Virus and Laggia again.