Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tourney @ J-Cube 18 Feb 2012 + Banlist thoughts

Format: 4 round swiss to top 8
Participants: 30+
Deck used: Machina Karakuri - Life Completer (Updated)

Decided to switch back to Machina Karakuri to use before the ban list kicked in, in case it was accurate. Lo and Behold, accurate! Last chance for me to use my grow-up bulb i guess. Only have a very simple tourney report, so skip if you want to head to the deck list.

Round 1: Vs Machina Gadget OXO
1: Swarm the field with limiter wins games
2: Seriously bad hand with 3 fortress in starting hand and no basics
3: Managed to flood the field with Bureido and friends after a few turns but couldn't clear the board and he had a Machina Fortress left on the field. Ennead makes its only appearance of the day to clear it and stand there as a nice big ass monster and won the following turn

Round 2: Vs TG Agent OXO
1: Had a very bad hand and got hit by Trishula but return with Fortress and limiter for come back win
2: More bad hand love and crazy side deck by opponent with Banisher of Radience. Draw no basics that can kill it and died to its beatdown
3: Field flood spam for love

Round 3: Vs Inzektors XX
1: Pretty bad hand again, this is getting to be a habit...
2: Made mistake of opening Dark Mirror too late and lost

Round 4: Vs Inzektors OO
1: Field swarm ftw
2: Both side had bad hands but I managed to get my parts in a few turns and won

Top 8: Vs Verz Laggia XOO
1: He has crazy first turn of Maxx C + Gorz, followed by Heavy Storm, Ophion and Dark Arm, how to win!
2: Flooded field on first turn to control the game and maintain advantage ftw
3: Pretty much a replica of round 2 to flood field after he ended with nothing on his first turn

Top 4: Vs Inzektors XOX (Same player as round 3)
1: Very bad/good?!?!? hand of 1 Komachi, 2 Strategist and 2 Machina Fortress with limiter and Avarice, while from Pot I already knew he had Dragonfly and friends in hand. Left with no choice, made Zenmaines with Strategist and Fortress to try and win with exact 8k damage against his Sangan. Sadly his only covered card was Limit Reverse, so he had 1k lp left and lost next turn.
2: Managed to do return flood ftw
3: Drew a lot of anti Inzektor side decks but none of my main deck stuff. So blocked for a few turns but lost after that.

So in the end got 3rd/4th since my friend and I both thought nothing really special to be selected from 3rd/4th prize and got a Duelist Box limited card sleeves pack.


As expected, ban list doesn't touch Inzektors at all, though abit surprised that Rabbit Laggia and Agents were left totally untouched. Guess Konami either thinks that having vanilla moments in the deck is detriment enough, or they want to sell the Tour guides coming to OCG in the upcoming Extra Pack.

As for Agents, maybe they think that removing the search engines and the tuners is enough? That being said, without Trishula, there isn't much to fear from leaving Earth standing on the field anymore. I guess the deck may sort of slow down with lesser food for Hyperion and next to no tutors for Agents.

Monster [27]
[3] Machina Gearframe
[3] Machina Fortress
[1] Machina Cannon
[3] Karakuri Soldier 236
[2] Karakuri Ninja 919
[1] Karakuri Haipa 818
[2] Karakuri Strategist 248
[3] Karakuri Komachi 224
[1] Karakuri Guard 313
[1] Grow-up Bulb
[3] Effect Veiler
[2] Cyber Dragon
[2] Card Car D

Magic [9]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] One For One
[2] Iron Call
[1] Limiter Removal
[1] Book of Moon
[1] Pot of Avarice

Trap [4]
[2] Phoenix Wing WInd Blast
[2] Trap Stun

Extra Deck [15]
[1] Lavalval Chain
[1] Wind-Up Zenmaines
[1] No. 11 Big Eye
[1] Heiroglyph God Dragon - Ennead
[1] Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
[1] Nature Landoise
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Scrap Dragon
[1] Trishula
[3] Karakuri Shogun Burei
[3] Karakuri Steel Shogun Bureido

Some reasons for card choices:
Card Car D - Replaces Pot of Duality and provides extra draw when I get it in early turns. In other situations, discard with Fortress
Iron Call - Makes for easy Chain to discard Bulb and make 1 Bureido at least. Too bad this combo lasts only till next week. Replaces Desynchro since it generally fulfills what used to do.
Haipa - 1 random Haipa to hit Raiou is always good
Zenmaines - Its a machine, what else you need LOL. Its a functional rank 3 and more useful then Leviathan or Leviair for me
Trap selections - Despite early meta changes, lots of players are falling back to heavy trap decks which sets multiple back row regardless. Trap Stun makes for good block, while not staying on field for Inzektor food. Phoenix Wing Blast is my multiple purpose trap, though might change this after bulb is gone. It works well against Inzektors though so might keep it

Rest of the deck is about the same as the previous versions. So this version will last up till end of this month! Would say you can try it, but understand at least our TCG readers will not have access to the newer cards. Maybe on dueling network at least? Enjoy!


  1. Will you switch to pure Karakuri after the banlist?

  2. Nope, simply because IMO you need the speed that Machina Karakuri will give to be able to take out Inzektors.

  3. How will you cope then without Bulb nor Spore? With Unknown Synchron?

  4. what changes are you making for march?

  5. It's a shame Mind Master was the only level 1 psychic tuner... Still, are you considering the Psychic engine as a replacement now that the plants are gone, but e-tele is at 2?

  6. For this deck? Chances are just going to make it to a Psychic Build with the 2 E-teleports. My old build had 2 bulbs, foolish burial and One for One. (The prior build before Iron Calls) New build will probably work with 2 E-teleports, 1 Mental Master and 1 Psycho Commander. Just a matter of fitting them in and testing it out.

  7. E tele + instant fusion.

  8. I think Unknown Synchron and One For One can pick up the slack when Bulb is gone.

    Can you also post a pic of those " Duelist Box limited card sleeves pack" you won?


  9. ehmm mind master is banned so no e tele + him

  10. True, forgot that mind master is banned lol. Oh well, haven't had the chance to think about it yet, will see how it goes.

  11. karakuri doesnt seem to have such a bright future now, with bulb gone...

  12. isnt bulb getting the hammer, and Bulb will kill KMP not karakuri. Karakuri Machina or Pure Karakuri still holds its own if built right and there is also a COntrol varient of Karakuris that has a mild spam engine set to go off when the Opponent is incapable of stopping you.

  13. there is also Lantron for machine lvl 1 tuners aswell and it acts a winged kuriboh if worse comes to worse and you have to set it.

  14. ^ The problem is, most of the toys of "Pure Karakuri" (the ones topping in tournament lists at Shriek OCG are the Pure-Teched variants lately) such as Naturia Beast and Naturia Landoise aren't sanctioned legal in SouthEast Asia's ranking tournaments due to Konami's restrictions.

    1. landoise is in this deck...

    2. Read the title again. This is a non-ranking tournament, hence the presence of landoise.

    3. I don't understand why people cares about "what cannot be played in an Asian format".

      We are here to spread our ideas and we will do so with all the available cards (well except TCG exclusives most of the time).

  15. DSummon, I just checked the banlist and it says Emergency Teleport is limited in the OCG Advanced Format. So you can only put 1 Emergency Teleport and 3 Pyscho Commanders, not 2 Emergency Teleports and 3 Pyscho Commanders in the post-March 2012 KMP.

    1. Obviously you need to wait till they update it to the 2012 March list.

    2. Looks like he forgot to scan the banlist. XD

  16. @yamispade machina karakuri was the only competitive variant that could stand toe to toe to inzektors, the pure variant is just not effective enough

  17. What type off clear outer sleeve do you use over your main sleeves?

  18. Yay, new Karakuri list! Shame its only legal for a week or so. :(
    I do hope you update for MArch 2012 as soon as you can, hope your using the custom Karakuris again :P

  19. I still can't believe Gearframe is at 3. Come on Konami, Earth is NOT an Airman! There is no eff when special summoned, like Gearframe!!!

  20. Why adding Machina Cannon, is it really useful?

  21. The outer sleeves are bought from Japan which I've been saving up LOL. 1 side is totally transparent and the other side is smoky translucent. Combine with black/silver sleeves for metallic effect LOL!

    Will update Karakuris soon hopefully though I have quite abit of work due for March so might not be that soon.

    Earth is strong because it searches out Venus, which by next turn if Earth survives gives you Trishula. Not to mention that it makes Hyperion live and together with Venus makes Krystia live by turn 2. Quite a big difference from Gearframe that only brings out Fortress and does nothing else after that.

    Machina Cannon is searchable by Gearframe and can bring out Fortress which is already in grave so its useful.

  22. whats the point playing while all of the good cards are being ban and limited, eg trishula. whats the point semi limiting emergency teleport while mind master is banned....

  23. DSummon can you tell me what "This card must attack if able." means?
    Do i need to suicide my monsters ?

  24. Have you guys tried Tech Genus Stun in the OCG its really good in the TCG and the tiers are nearly the same...
    It won the last YCS... Just curious to see how you would build a TG Stun deck