Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Banned and Restricted List (Confirmed)

Forbidden Cards :
Glow-Up Bulb 「グローアップ・バルブ」
Spore 「スポーア」
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 「氷結界の龍 トリシューラ」
Trap Dustshoot 「ダスト・シュート」

Restriction Cards 「制限カード」:

Tech Genus Striker 「TG-ストライカー」
Agent of Mystery, Earth 「神秘の代行者 アース」

Semi-Restriction Cards 「準制限カード」:

Marshmallon 「マシュマロン」
Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner 「ライトロード・サモナー ルミナス」
Emergency Teleport 「緊急テレポート」
Shien's Smoke Signal 「紫炎の狼煙」
Level Limit Area B 「レベル制限B地区」
Torrential Tribute 「激流葬」
Ultimate Offering「血の代償」
Reborn Tengu 「Reborn Tengu」

No longer restricted 「準制限」:

Call of the Haunted 「リビングデッドの呼び声」


Am not gonna post any picture.

Now that this is confirmed, people can now stop their denial and move along.

No Rabbit, no Inzectors, but banning Trishula which is a problem card in itself but people run like 3 Effect Veilers and 3 Fiendish Chain that I don't feel like summoning Trishula anymore.

Don't get me started on the Spore and the Bulb (Goodbye Phantom Skyblaster deck~)

Earth is finally hit, and there goes the theory of "SD Cards will not get hit" out the window.

Reborn Tengu is so random.

Inzector gets stronger with 3 Call of Haunted.

Gogo Billy Brake, win YCS Atlanta one last time with Plant Synchro.


  1. I still do not understand how konami can just make a list that does nothing to help either metas. Obviously they can do whatever they want but they have always dealt with at least some of the meta problems come time for the banlist, here they did nothing for either meta, I mean why hit spore and glow-up bulb when plants aren't even that good in either meta?

  2. Sad banlist. It appears that this banlist is created to troll you Baha. Reasons:
    Ban Trishula: No more Trishula Loop on Baha's Divine Performance
    Ban GUB and Spore: No more Baha's Draw Whore Junk Doppel variant

    No offense, just kidding and just for fun =P

    P.S. I am still waiting for your Junk Doppel Quasar Update.

  3. I laughed at the Billy Brake part.

  4. I'm trying Junk Fabled mixture. It does well with the right hand and junk can always get a Chawa or Krus works with Doppel too. Meh. Maybe I'm trying too hard in the new bad meta. :/

  5. At least E-tele is at 2. Would be easier to synchro and exceed now. I am hoping they will release even better to make up for this ************** banlist. 3 COTH is so stupid. Thanks for the update!

  6. Billy Brake with plant synchro? Nah, all the pros moved on to Wind-ups

  7. time to stop playing yugioh until september..
    i guess

  8. Billy Brake is and idiot just like Asians

  9. I'm just waiting to see a new deck from you and/or DS. My Plant Doppel and Machina Karakuri are all dead D:

  10. LOL, Machina Karakuri cannot play Bulb now, so it will become Tele-Machina Karakuri probably. Need to think through about the deck first.

  11. yea billy brake is running wind ups at ycs

  12. sigh... new banlist makes children cry....

  13. I hate this stupid list but i know that when the other one comes i hope konami limits wind-up zenmaity and factory and with those 2 card limit that slows the deck and makes it easy target for my karakuris lol
    Ps: hate konami for not giving blackwings there kalut or semi whirldwind

  14. What is your opinion on Tele Zombies now? Would the 2 E-tele make zombie better?

  15. ^
    Somehow. It's just like the combo of T.G. Striker and Goblin Zombie which gives you a search. Emergency Teleport works almost the same but there's less chance to draw and search for it. On the other hand, Krebons can be used to stall too, and it's a DARK for Sorcerer, Black Luster Soldier and/or DAD.
    I'm thinking of adding Caius and D - Hero Malicious to make easy level 8 synchro. With Trishula gone, Zombies will focus on level 8 synchro summon I think.

  16. Why does Konami give Inzektors such a boost. They won't even be afraid of Solemn Warning with 3 Call and 1 Reborn :C

  17. im gonna be that guy, Trishula's ban is mainly over the fact it doesnt target therefor konami finds that to be a viable reason to ban it. IMO ida rather seem Dandy hit then spore or bulb would left plants viable and got rid of a broken mill engine that with other decks is still viable. Dustshoot is probably the one card i i dont understand because its one of the cards that also helps if you go first against windups since that rabbit is such a balanced card(f**k you konami). Or hell even shark. Honestly Wind-Up i see them being just as broken as Infernities were allbeit Inzektors are good there are far more cards that kill inzektors than wind ups. I got the privilage of facing both at YCS atlanta and i must say Inzektors are great..... but not nearly as broken or IMO skillessly played than i saw windups ran. When i asked how long most had play tested windups to get them good most said oh i just built this yesterday. Until TCG gets Chain or Emeral Windups are what i forsee running our meta.