Sunday, January 29, 2012

[Deck] Sacred Bounce Hell

DT14 is out! This is one of those times that I am actually interested in a non machine themed deck (Even though the deck still has quite a few machines lol). Sacred is a DT themed deck focusing on multiple deck search on monster summon and multiple normal summons as opposed to Special Summons. What do you do with all that monsters on the field? XYZ summon of course. Their XYZ monsters all have really good effects too which somehow makes it into an anti-inzektor deck. Interested? Click on to find out more~

Sacred Omega
is a crazy awesome rank 4 that can protect all Sacred on the field from Magic and Trap cards as a chainable effect. Bottomless Traphole / Torrential? No problem, just chain it's effect and your field is instantly protected. Even better? Inzektors are unable to clear your field since Hornet's effect is treated as a spell effect. Even though it will not prevent Dragonfly from flooding the field, at least it prevents you from getting an instant OTK. Expect to see this in Hero Beat due to it's easy summoning conditions.

Sacred Pleiades
is the key card here that shines against Inzektors. Just wait for Dragonfly to be equipped with Hornet then bounce away that Hornet, leaving the Dragonfly there for the picking. Considering how easy it is to summon in a Sacred deck, this card works as a trap on legs (huge legs in fact) where its 2500 attack is nothing to laugh at. Bouncing Zenmaines and Gachi Gachi is just some of the cool thing it bounces away with no effort.

Sacred Beehive
is the latest exceed beatstick, boasting stats bigger then Acid Golem due to its effect. Even better, its effect is not limited to itself so you can pump another Sacred to clear your opponent's field.

Sacred Ptolemys M7
is also the 2nd double overlay exceed monster to be released after Utopia Ray. It has a decent effect (though you have to wait a turn, but easier to achieve then having 1k LP) and even nicer stats. Abuse Exceeds which have used up their materials for best results.

And that's it for the introductions, here is the deck!

Monster [25]
[3] Sacred Pollux
[3] Sared Leonis
[3] Sacred Sheratan
[3] Sacred Kaust
[2] Sacred Schet
[2] Sacred Eska
[3] Effect Veiler
[2] Cyber Dragon
[2] Ally Genex Birdman
[1] Honest
[1] Sangan

Magic [5]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Book of Moon
[1] Heavy Storm
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon

Trap [10]
[1] Trap Dustshoot
[2] Solemn Warning
[1] Solemn Judgement
[2] Bottomless Traphole
[2] Phoenix Wing Blast
[2] Exceed Reborn

I tested it out during the weekend against Baha's Inzektor deck and I have to say results were better then expected, especially considering I played without Omega since it is only released next week. Pleiades is honestly a bitch for anyone to play against if you dont have any spell/trap removal. Without priority ruling, monsters have no way of clearing it out effectively. Furthermore once Omega is out, even spell/trap will not be able to do much against it. Bouncing Hornets effectively netted me with pluses, since it allows me to clear the remaining Centipede or Dragonfly remaining on the field. The generally big attack / defense stats of the non xyz monsters help out as well to clear the field and quickly deal damage for the win.

The deck toolboxs well too, with Sheratan and Eska helping to search out the monster pieces, maintaining advantage. Even normal summoning Pollux or Leonis followed by Eska to search the deck is good. Search Kaust or Schet for a next turn Pleiades. With double the gearframe and double the Komachi available compared to my Machina Karakuri deck, the deck moves fast to summon out Pleaides easily.

As for some tech choices, Cyber Dragon helps to summon Pleaides of course. Birdman is also extremely good in this deck, considering you have cards like Schet. Sp Schet, then Leonis/Pollux with Sheratan to search your deck, then bounce anyone of them for a quick Trishula. Even without Schet, you can get out Orient or Brionac while searching your deck too. Last insane tech here will be Exceed Reborn since I believe this is the first deck that will be able to properly use it. Pleaides gives you instant field control, while Omega provides field protection. Even Beehive is good as an instant wall (Wait for BLS to declare attack then bring back Beehive ftw)

Thats about it for this deck, sorry for the long post lol. I hope to bring out some videos and test this deck in a tournament soon, though I am rather busy at the moment with work.... Will try my best to get some stuff up so please be patient with us!
PS: Thanks to Rey, Jomer and Luigi (the Asia Plus Champion Team) who helped provide the Sacred cards from DT13 for the deck!


  1. Na. I would concentrate on Sheretan, Kaust and Pollux. You don't need more imo. With Instant Fusions, Trags and CyDras you have enough options to go into Pleiades/other Xyz's. Even Summoner Monk is good, you can search Kaust with it, make it lv 5, play Instant/Cydra before and go into Pleiades/other Xyz's. Safe Zone and Fiendish Chain are good too in this. You can protect Pleiades with Safe Zone or activate it, target an opponents monster and than bounce it with Pleiades to destroy the Monster. Similar things with Fiendish Chain. Eska and the other lv 5 need tributes. That's not so good, it slows down your combos which you could do easier with Pollux, Kaust, Instant and Cydra. Just a few tips. I'm not a pro like you (lol), but i'm playing Sacreds a while ago and tested many decks of them.

  2. Sacred now haz my interest.

  3. Actually I did consider the other things you mentioned like monk and trago but chose not to use them since they do not provide synergy in the deck. As for instant fusion, I personally don't like it since there are too many maxx c played recently which makes it a bad option.

    The only other high level is Eska and I am using it because it provides a search which has often been useful. Reborn on Eska essentially makes an instant Pleaides. With Leonis and Pollux, Eska becomes an easily summonable airman.

    Lastly, not choosing to use stuff like Demon Chain and Safe Zone simply cause it is not my style to go all out defense lol

    End of the day, it's depends on your play style as well where mine tends more towards swarming to take early games rather than to control and slowly poke for game :)

  4. Just a couple of suggestions/questions:
    Where is Star of the Sacred?? That one of the key cards to make xyz and plus 1.
    And also ROTA. It gets Pollux to hand fast =]
    Lastly Ghost Ship helps to make instant Pleiadas, especially since effect veilers provide fodder for it.
    just my 2 cents =]

  5. Can you outline which 15 cards to include in the extra deck since the space is so tight?

  6. Did consider Star of the Sacred, will see how that goes, may squeeze it in the future.

    I tested ROTA, it gets Pollux to hand fast but that's all it does for now. Drawing 2 Pollux and ROTA in starting hand is not fun :( May add it back in once I find other useful warriors for the deck.

    Am considering Ghost Ship actually, might end up removing Cydra for it instead. Honestly forgot about Ghost Ship when I was building the deck lol

    Current extra deck I am using are as follows.
    Scrap Dragon
    Black Rose Dragon
    Orient Dragon
    Sacred Beehive
    Sacred Hyades
    Sacred Pleaides * 2
    Sacred Ptolemys M7 * 2
    Laval Chain
    Leviathan Dragon

    Though this is what I used last week, which is why it doesn't have Omega. And I haven't got my Volcasaurus so it is not inside.

  7. When they activate Maxx C on Instant Fusion, they'll draw 2 cards. Who cares? With Pleiades you can control the game and lockdown your opponents without let them use the cards they drew. Okay Monk is only usefull with Instant, so it's understandable that you don't wanna play it.
    But Trag is too god imo. It protects you from Otk's, you could use it for more Xyz's(Not for Pleiadesd, but for Lavalval, Tiras, Adreus, Volca or whatever).

    Anyways, Instant Fusion is THE card in Sacreds. you MUST play it imo. If you don't wanna play the other cards, it's understandable, but Instant Fusion MUST! lol

  8. What about the themed Salvage, Super Rebirth? Sure you don't get a battle phase, but you get essentially one card exceed to get you out of situations, apply more pressure, as well as potentially more search!

  9. Well, i have lack of space in the extra deck so I still doubt instant fusion will go into my deck. I do think it's a viable option though so interested players can consider it.

    I did consider Star Sign of the Sacred, but since my deck is themed towards pushing for game early compared to controlling I decided to leave it out. This may change in the future as I test out the deck more though. Might consider it once I get my Volcasaurus since it essentially burns for damage and ignores the battle phase anyway.

    Not to mention with my luck with the deck, even though I have 16 Sacreds in the deck along with 2 Cyber Dragons, very often I draw none of them in my starting hand during my test draws, which I cursed and sweared at Star Sign even though I only tested 1 copy and it ended up in my starting hand lol

  10. DSummon, please make a blog post for the Karakuri featuring Tetsuo Takeda's Iron/Clockwork/Tinplate cards. The Karakuri needs more love now more than ever. Haha. =)

    1. As a pure build karakuris can do just fine even against the meta. and by pur i mean using an all main decked monster line-up.

  11. People,

    Instant fusion is not recommendable with 3 solemns, especially when he uses a extra with synchros, which means even less options in the extra.
    Sacred star of the sacred is not a +1, is a -1, unless you plan on summoning a sacred xyz every single turn. So in this build, it is not a must.

    Rota is good, in some builds, 'cause it's mainly used on the pollux/kaust combo. It's a good combo, but as i see it, it depends on the build.

    Ghost ship is good, before the previous revealed cards like hawwa, schet and rebirth. but it's a risky card, seeing it's weak in atk in comparison to todays format, not to mention it's cost. Alotta times this happened to me on a situation where i needed the mosnter in the grave. In other words, i personaly think ghost ship served it's purpose while we had the first dt with sacreds, but we now have better things to put.

    And pleiades wont save you forever. A maxx c is very threatning, even if he'll draw 1 card only, so 2 cards is hell, there are alotta cards that can beat pleiades next turn he's summoned, thought he'l have the advantage of chaining it's eff, and that's all.
    Trago isn't good when your deck is focused on pleiades, since its a DARK monster, unless you're heavily focused on summoning non-Sacred Xyz, since they all need LIGHT or sacred materials.
    And finally in my opinion, super rebirth is either for a "volcasaurus final turn" or simply preparing yourself. with this build, i think he has enought defense, not to mention it looks highly defensive so rebirth wont be needed. Dsummon, if you decide to use super rebirth, i think you'l most definetly use 1 and the other maybe in side.

    I playtested sacreds ever since they came out, and i still have to find a build that suits me. if you get good results on this one, then kudos.

    1. Hey Lucce,
      i hope your understanding the theme of sacreds... because as far as i see, they are meant to xyz and nothing else except that.
      Thats the only reason i had the suggestion of adding star sign of the sacreds..
      And also star sign of the sacred works for special summons of sacred xyz monsters thus it doesn't have to be a xyz summon... xyz reborn works wonders with it in your opponents turn and if not, just call of the haunt an xyz in your opponent's turn, draw 1. Your turn overlay for M7. Draw again. Pretty simple to me.

      Other than the above suggestion, I agree with them all. About the whole ghost ship not working too well at times.

      Lastly I am glad to know that someone has playtested the sacreds ever since they came out. I am have done my fair share of it too =]
      -My 2 cents again.

  12. could you tell me how you get all your DT cards? its like not around in Singapore. is there a shop selling?

  13. Actually I have a blog post planned already for the upcoming Machine cards, though not Tinplate because I dont see anything awesome for them yet LOL.

    I probably will not use Super Rebirth for now, it will depend on how the deck turns out. I still need to do more playtesting.

    Depends on your contacts lol. You have to check out the right shops though I wont reveal it since it is not widely spread, you will have to check on your own.

  14. i prove them with lightsworn and ist awesome they work very well together sometimes i get bad hands but is an awesome deck y will continue testing to get the best

  15. Probably someone said it, but try Safe Zone and/or Fiendish Chain: is very awesome to set Safe Zone behind a Pleidas.

    Fiendish isn't aggressive as the Safe, but is more solid.
    Try with -2 PWWB +2 Safe / Fiendish (they are also good against Insects...).

  16. Honestly in my opinion you don't really need the Cyber Dragon. And Pot of duality is quite useful as a 2 of thanks to the fact that Pollux and Leonis all normal summon another card. Well regardless we have a different playstyle. I like taking the advantage early but doesn't trust decks that take the early win. Also TCG rules make Pleadies so vulnerable... But I do like this build just you don't really need so many monsters with so much searching. Does not like Schet can you explain to me why you use it aside from the above combo?

  17. Well, part of the reason why there isnt Fiendish is because I dont have it lol. Might consider Safe zone but I like that PWWB can take out any problems just that it comes with a slightly higher cost.

    Well, like I mentioned I might remove the Cyber Dragon, will see how that goes, though may add Ghost ship.

    Even though Pollux and Leonis gives extra normal summons, Pot will stop me from exceeding them away, so I still dont gain field control since I cant summon Pleiades.

    I have to put more monsters because even at this amount of monster count, my bad luck still gives me hands with 4 m/t and 2 effect veilers in my starting hand lol. Not to mention in this deck, Pleiades functions as a trap in a way so more monsters are welcome.

    Lastly Schet is very good especially since it copies the levels of the other Sacreds either on field or grave, meaning you can surely make another exceed regardless of what you have on the field. Plus free Special Summons is always good stuff. And lastly of course, allowing easy level changing assuming your grave is nicely filled gives you freedom to synchro alot of things with a tuner on the field. And of course unlike Cyber Dragon, it's always live since you can just normal summon it.

  18. ur playing it wrong ; )

    a sacred deck has to focus on sheretan kaust and pollux. schet is trash as most of the times ur gonna summon pollux with kaust together. instead of schets place put in either xyz reborn or ghost ship.
    also ur build is missing instant fusion (musician king) and the so important 2 continous trap cards safe zone and fiendish chain. its just a pain for the opp when u bounce those cards especially safe zone on an opponents monster: activate pleiades effect on ur facedown safe zone, chain safe zone on ur opps monster -> safe zone destroys it for +1

    that ones a Tier 1 Deck (best against shit that relies on a specified summon):

    1. schet is trash ? u sure ? he is much better than ghost ship / xyz reborn :x
      for safe zone.... not really an option while you got pleiades :x

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  20. I can't imagine Sacreds without Super Rebirth. Imo their Xyz are way too costly otherwise. Super Rebirth lets you get that Kaust + Pollux combo once and even if your Pleiades eats Solemn/Bottomless/whatever, you can Super Rebirth the material back and be ready to threaten with another Rank 5 next turn.

  21. In the TCG this deck isn't half as good as it would be in the OCG. Rabbit is suck a tough match for this deck as well as Darkworlds which are very good here also. If the deck had better draw power then it would preform much better over here.

    1. Most decks in OCG wouldnt be as good in the TCG because the TCG exclusives makes all the cards look bad.