Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 2 at Worlds

Day 2 and sight seeing day! Breakfast at the hotel is pretty awesome with a wide range for English breakfast. There were still quite alot of items available to take such as pastries, fried tomatoes, etc.

Still wasn't used to the time differences so we actually had breakfast at 8am while gathering time was 10.30am. With not much to do, it was back to just relaxing around the hotel. Luckily discovered that I could get pc access with Internet in the hotel so went to clear emails and stuff.

After that, still had time to kill so more watching of other people playing deck. Finally got to see the legendary Airman + Get your game on deck in live action. 5 Airmans with over 7k atk summoned in 1 turn is really abit too much lol

Quick photo of the Asia players before we headed out
From left to right:
Kongjaroen Phanupak - Thailand rep
Kerdphol Kantarat "Pik" - Translator for Thailand
Kaven Sue - Singapore rep
Lui Hoi Ki - Hong kong rep
She Wei Hao - Taiwan rep
William Israel - Philippines rep
Sam Kee - Malaysia rep

And we were out! Due to bad weather (lots of drizzles on and off since arrival yesterday), laser tag was cancelled and we headed to Madame Tussadd museum. (small cheer from some of the participants here)

Super long queue just to enter the place. Good thing the Konami staff got a reservation for us. Basically spent a few hours here to look at the sights, nothing special to mention.

Following that, we got onto the bus for a half hour bus ride just to go for lunch (And another 15 minutes just to walk to the bus) Think it's because the laser tag venue would have been close to the restaurant.

Lunch was simple fare, though not bad. Kinda a family restaurant place feel. After that, back to our long bus ride back to town for our canal tour!

Catching the sights around the river on the canal tour!

Not... More like everyone just took out decks and started playing. Even my deck got loaned by a fan to play. Quite interesting to see the different kinds of decisions in gameplay since I was basically watching all the way.

After the "exciting" tour, back to the hotel for abit of rest, before heading on to Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam! Almost the entire level was taken up by us (photo shows barely half of us), filled with players and judges from all the different countries.

Exciting news announced about rulings for this weekend. Will explain more at the end of this post.

Pretty good starters

Coupled with humongous steaks for our main course. Seriously filling stuff.

And now, time for the goodies! Sadly only for players, not for me though

Front and back of the player shirt

Bag given to all players and it's juicy contents.

And that's about it. We headed back to the hotel and everybody opened their packs. Interestingly though obvious, everyone were trying to sell their Photon boxes and buy the other 2. Finally, time for the big day!


Head judge for the Worlds Championship 2011 - Mr Paul

2 important rulings announced regarding player priority and exceeds by our head judge

1. There will be no player priority to activate monster ignition effects UNLESS it is a spell speed 2 monster e.g. Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi

2. Exceed material monsters are considered to be NOT on the field. Therefore when removed from the exceed monster (e.g. Sangan), they will mostly not get their effects. I say mostly here because monsters like Dandylion get their effects regardless of being on the field or not.


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