Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 1 at Worlds

Finally landed in Netherlands! Super long flight of over 12 hours. After dragging it out abit at the customs, finally got onto a shuttle bus and to our hotel!

Our hotel and special check in desk for all the players

Once we arrived at our hotel, we got to check in very early at 9am which was good! After that the early arrivals all headed to lunch together at Burger King.

With day 1 basically having no programme other then all the players arriving, we got down to playing decks and doing minor trading after we returned to the hotel.

That kinda lasted till dinner time at 6+pm, with alot of us basically just handing around the lobby. After that, we split up from the TCG group, since we were basically following the hk Konami group around.

After dinner, back to the hotel for more trading! The Japanese players arrived just as we came back to so I managed to get to talk with some of them. At the same time, I was recognized by some tcg players as well, so spent some time shaking hands. Finally after alot of talking, headed back out to burger king again to post the blog post.

As always, thanks to our readers for viewing the blog!


  1. Hope to bump into your DSummoner sometime tomorrow. Wouldn't mind playing your Karakuri deck and getting you to sign some cards. Will be one of the judges over the two days.
    Look out for a dude with a goatee and long black hair, don't think any of the other judges have those characteristics. xD

  2. I will actually be going around with the players to sightsee today, hope to see you! If not, I will keep a lookout for you on Saturday/Sunday. My outfit should be very obvious, lol

  3. I like how you mentioned you posted the blog at Burger King. I assume BK offers free Wi-Fi then? Haha hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. =)

  4. vamos jose muerdase y ganeeeee!
    teto todos en costa rica lo apoyamos suerte mae