Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[Deck]Reborn Scraps + Day 3 of Duelnet

So... into my day 3 in Duelnet. Meeting more and more people on Duelnet makes me laugh and frown at the same time.

Actually met a guy who said I completed his life by dueling with him :) Honestly, Baha and me are just the average dudes, we are glad to finally play and talk about more to the TCG guys, as well as those who read our blogs and watch our videos.

If you manage to locate us, feel free to talk to us, since personally I find it encouraging that so many people find our blog and decks useful. And no, we do not get mad at people copying our decks. Im actually glad that there are people who find the decks good enough to copy them lol.

PS: For those who are complaining there have been no videos recently, Baha is due to do something about it using Duelnet so stay tuned~

More and more random dudes with crap rulings and crap-er egos. I used Veiler on his Ehren, and he still insisted on milling, even after I showed him the rulings, which I painstakingly searched from the TCG forum even.

His logic that he was right? He has been on Duelnet for a week, and he told me I should be there for at least that amount of time before I talk to him about rulings, and refused to even read the nice link I pasted him. For TCG players who have to duel with such people on a daily basis, I feel your pain.

But we are done with the complains and other stuff. Other then one last complain... My Tengus havent arrived yet! However, thanks to Duelnet, been finally able to build the deck online, and did some testplays, with decent results. Heres the build~

Deck Name: Reborn Scraps

Monster [17]
[3] Scrap Chimera
[2] Scrap Beast
[2] Scrap Orthros
[1] Scrap Goblin
[3] Reborn Tengu
[2] Breaker the Magical Warrior
[2] Effect Veiler
[1] Level Eater
[1] Grow-up bulb

Magic [16]
[1] Monster Reborn
[3] Scrap Area
[3] Scrap Squall
[1] Hurricane
[2] Cyclone
[1] Book of Moon
[1] Mind Control
[1] One for One
[1] Foolish Burial
[2] Pot of Duality

Trap [7]
[1] Solemn Judgement
[2] Solemn Warning
[2] Bottomless Traphole
[1] Torrential Tribute
[1] Trap Dustshoot

Going with abit more of a beatdown approach this time round, along with the rise of GK's which will be a problem for Scrap Chimeras, decided that maining 2 Breakers seemed to be a good option. The 3 Tengus provide a strong beatdown based deck as well, maximising the beat element. Together with 2 Veilers, the beatdown monsters are able to make quick movements on the opponent's lifepoints.

Aside from the beatdown side of things, inclusion of a single One for One, Bulb, and Level Eater provides the deck with combos to abuse together with Tengu to quickly gain field advantage using synchros (Ever gotten to having 2 Hyper Librarians and 1 Scrap Dragon all in the same turn). Level Eater is chosen over Scrap Searcher since this deck isnt very concentrated on Scrap, and Level Eater provides easy Scrap Dragon bullets.

The rest of the build is pretty much Scrap control based, so shall not explain much further. Only an extra note that the deck build this time round is alot more towards the TCG meta, since thats what I've been testing it on (Benefits the TCG players especially this time round I guess). Hopefully it works in my Singapore meta as well as it has in Duelnet, lol.

PS: Looking at info on Photon Shockwave from Shriek, Regretful Complaint will the newest broken card for Scraps! (And possibly any tribute/synchro/exceed based deck which is like about everything in today's meta) Effect seems to be accurate going by the Japanese blogs.

1. Provides synchro/exceed/tribute material
2. Provides bullets for Scrap Dragon which is a 1 for 2
3. Stops GB from tagging out to boot
4. Stealing people's Lyla and Breakers who try and earn card advantage
5. Stealing other people's Card Troopers and getting rid of them safely without letting your opponent draw

The benefits are endless, I could go on and on. This is personally what I consider to be Friggs Apple on steroids...


  1. Awesome deck! :) I'm running reborn scraps right now to but a different build from you but I'm going to try some of your techs

  2. How does the deck do against sixsams and heroes? Also, I was wondering what cyclone and hurricane is.

  3. Cyclone = Mystical Space Typhoon
    Hurricane = Giant Trunade

    Those are the ocg names.

    Does decent against both, though obviously if i see some first turn gateway spam, no veiler in hand = cant do much

  4. what would you play in extra deck

  5. trolol, there was this guy he was like, hey dude, come on, i play this deck for so long and i know the rulings better than u, go away if u are a noob ( i use absolute zero bomb him after he super poly with my side's absolute zero and his honest for shining, and he insist that shining doesnt bomb )

  6. Current extra deck as follows:

    Librarian * 2
    Formula Synchron
    Scrap Dragon * 3
    Scrap Twin Dragon
    Scrap Archfiend
    Black Rose Dragon
    Stardust Dragon
    AOJ Catastor
    Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
    Arcanite Magician

    But thats inside of Duelnet. With Roach, probably will take out Catastor or Stardust to make space for it, havent decided which

  7. do you have any suggestion if I don't have solemn warnings or dualities?

  8. Hard, since warning is the strongest negate summon card in current meta. Dualities help to make the deck more stable so would be good as well.

  9. Hey DSummon, would this deck have any inconsistant hands and would it beat six sams?

  10. How about Meklord Granel and Scrap Shark?

  11. He already has a Scrap Emperor build that uses both...

  12. Awesome deck i would say but may i ask wth is duelnet? i tried googling it and got this weird site. Oh and BTW i love the deck you make. JYS making more XD. Maybe can i request for a stunt deck? i dont know something like that, that irritates the crap out of the opponent. That i would like to see.

  13. so the milling is an effect? i tought it was a cost LoL

    and yes, there's many guy like that @ DN, since it's all manually, so many guys try to fooling around like that LoL

    and thanks for the recipe as always~

  14. duel net is actually an online game (www.duelingnetwork.com)

  15. how do you make 2 Hyper Librarians and 1 Scrap Dragon all in the same turn?

    1. tengu, chimera get beast, one for one get bulb. synchro with tengu, mill for bulb, synchro with the other tengu, then synchro beast with chimera. easy.