Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updates on latest cards / spoilers

Shooting Quasar Dragon
Its effect is too strong and too bullshit, so its taking over as the newest boss monster to lock down your opponent as compared to Halberd Cannon. Its seen quite alot of play in the local tournaments last week for all the Junk Doppel decks. You have enough trouble trying to kill Quasar, and life is more difficult when you know Shooting Star comes right behind and it even comes with all the effects. (Except that if it negates an attack, it will not be able to self revive) -> Abuse with Interdimensional Matter Transporter for more bullshits.

With regards to how easy it is to summon, when you have the right deck, namely Junk Doppel, not really that difficult at all. Heck, I even thought about it and you can even do it with Scrap, if I just add in some Grow Up Bulb and Doppel Warrior inside.

On methods to remove it, I can safely say you have to use a chain 2 to kill it safely, since the summoning of Shooting Star is an optional effect. On top of that, its negation is optional and doesnt have to stay on the field to go through, so you will have to waste at least 1/2 cards to effectively kill it. You practically take the best parts of LADD and Shien to combine then for Shooting Quasar, but only better. Black Hole + Compulsory seems to be the most effective so far to ensure no Shooting Star appears.

Note: Only problem is... If he has Quasar out, means he probably did it with 2 Librarian + Formula, which means his hand size at the moment is 643798215 while you are still using at least 2 cards that he summoned for free essentially. Rated worse thing your opponent can summon in his first turn for 2011 totally.

Psychic Shockwave aka Jinzo Road
Simply very strong card, considering the trap based format we are facing at the moment. Opponent activates any speed 2 trap, you can chain Jinzo Road, which you discard 1 magic trap as cost, then special summon Jinzo. (Other then Jinzo, only Blowback Dragon is worthy to be used, but most would probably prefer Jinzo anyway)After that, Jinzo negates the trap your opponent used so its kinda a 1 for 1.

That being said, many traps nowadays focus on either making big plays (Living Dead/Limit Reverse for Lonefire etc) or to prevent big plays and clear your board(Torrential Tribute/Mirror Force etc). So when you negate that trap he plays, the advantage it generates would actually end up as a plus.

Good time to remember now that if your opponent has an oppression that he has just opened in this chain to negate say your monster reborn, you can open Jinzo Road to negate that oppression and he cannot pay a 2nd time. However if it has been opened prior to this chain, he will be able to pay a 2nd time to negate your Jinzo Road

Reborn Tengu
Extremely strong. I am only thankful that it was not made into a Winged-Beast or Icarus attack will become a bullshit card that every deck will play. Effect is mandatory so you will get another Reborn Tengu for sure no matter what your opponent plays, with the exception of Divine / Solemn Warning, since the Tengu will not have hit field yet in that instance.

So with Reborn Tengu, you get a monster that you can continuously synchro away and get another material instantly. It gives you the additional field presence you need, while reducing your deck size/loading your grave at the same time. This card even further screams for abuse with Pot of Avarice. Totally abuse friendly in a TG / Junk Doppel deck IMO. Heck, I can even use it in Scrap for Scrap Dragon bullets. (Tengu synchro with Beast for Dragon, Dragon's effect destroys Tengu and opponent monster, and attack with Dragon and Tengu anyone? -> Add in some Grannel for OTK love lol)

And there you have it, just some things for both OCG and TCG to look out for. (My fellow Singaporeans obviously get the best of both worlds.) Keep a lookout and have fun dueling!


  1. why Singapore players use both TCG and OCG cards?

  2. Its only in the shop small tournaments where basically any YGO card can be used, other then fake cards obviously. However for major tournaments, we have to play OCG only and adhere to the worlds banlist like everyone else.

  3. i see. so "shop small tournaments" seem to have a high level in Singapore, have they?
    by the way, have Bahamut tried foolish burial in his Trishula Turbo deck?

  4. All the decks Baha and I play nowadays would have Foolish Burial as a staple probably, LOL

  5. Oh and tengu makes you hyper librarian draw whoring op.

  6. why won't shooting star dragon revive if it negates an attack?

  7. Similar to Stardust that is summoned by Starlight Road. Because it was not summoned legally.

  8. Psychic Shockwave is a two-for-two, not a one-for-one.

  9. I was thinking of what your method was to bring out Quasar in scraps was. Was it something like

    Hand: Chimera, Orthros, Dopple
    Graveyard: Goblin, Glowup

  10. I'm not seeing how those scrap monsters will make Quasar. Chimera can only be used to synchro Scrap mons- oh wait, chimera is never actually used, haha.

    Chimera -> goblin, special dopple from hand
    Special Orthros, destroy chimera.
    Sync Goblin and Dopple for TGHL #1
    Sync Orthros and dopple token for TGHL #2, draw 1
    Mil for Glow-up bulb and synch into formula with 2nd dopple token, draw 3.
    LIMIT OVER ACCEL SYNCHRO for Quasar, haha.

    Took me a second, but I finally got it.

  11. You can't use Psychic Shockwave on Royal Oppression that is already face-up. It must respond to the activation of the Trap itself.

  12. New exclue TCG from EXVC:

    Full House
    Trap Card
    Select 2 Face-up Spell/Trap Cards (except this card) and 3 Set Spell/Trap Cards. Destroy the selected cards.

  13. How do we get shooting quasar dragon in Singapore?

  14. Are you going to make a shooting quasar deck plz?