Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tournament Report 09/04/11

Realised its been ages since my last tournament report. The time difference is probably about the time period that Ive been busy with work and havent really had time to join tournaments. That, or I've been taking too many fun decks to the very few tournaments that I can join and end up leaving with only so-so results. Decided that had to change, so took my Machina-Kikou-Kuri our, brushed off the dust and joined a tournament!

Tournament Joined: Card Master (J Cube)
Deck Used: Machina Kikou Kuri

Swiss Round 1: Marcus (Grave BF) OO
Both rounds managed to get to at least 2 Bureidos within first couple of rounds so won from there

Swiss Round 2: XM (Junk Doppel) OO
Match 1 - Had control with Book of Moon, Trap Dust Shoot and Divine Warning, with Gearframes and stuff. Got to Bureido flood status and won.
Match 2 - Slowed her down with Veiler with Warning ready, but she had Hurricane for her 2nd Junk Synchron. However her mills were not satisfactory, so even though she cleared my 2 Bureidos using System Down, I still had hand advantage and won with my Monster Reborn on her Scrap Dragon.

Swiss Round 3: Rong Jie (GB) OXO
Match 1 - Pulled off Bureido floods, nuff said
Match 2 - Managed to flood the field fully and almost had the win (Ninja Revived Soldier, then I used Chaos Infinity to try to pull through for damage) However his D-Prison stopped the final blow, then he used his System Down, and managed to draw Lanista to tag into Beastiari to destroy my Gozen Match. In the end I put too much resources into trying to push for the kill earlier and lost cause didnt draw my sided Return from DD
Match 3 - Back to full Bureido flood mode, lol. Even had 3 Bureidos with Landos and Chaos Infinity on the field by end of my first turn

Swiss Round 4: Bixuan (Grave BF) OXO
Match 1 - Controlled with Veiler, while I managed to get to triple Bureido mode again
Match 2 - Got flooded with lots of stuff and lost
Swiss 3 - Lovely Bureido flood ftw~

Entered top 8 in full win status, woohoo~

Top 8 Round: Dominic (Hero Beat) OO
Match 1 - Started and Trap Dustshoot showed his nice hand of God D, Skill Drain, and D-Prison with random magic trap and no monsters for discard, while I only had a face down Komachi, though I had Hurricane, Grannel Ein and Limitter Removal in hand, so tried to fake for a win. Used Hurricane and he used God D (Had to or I would have won anyway). Flipped Komachi, summoned Grannel Ein, and to prevent me from summoning through Komachi's effect again he used Skill Drain (Had nothing else in hand I could summon though), then used Grannel Ein to attack. He thought for awhile, then decided not to use D-Prison so he could save it. I damage stepped Limitter FTW~
Match 2 - After a few turns of waiting each other out, cause he had 4 face downs, had only Soldier and Bulb on field, with Trap Stun, though I had Limitter and Hurricane. Drew my sided Ally Bomb, then was lamenting my bad luck of not drawing a tuner. Then I realised.... 2 Bureidos with a Strategist and a Limitter later, I won~

Top 4 Round: Chard (Gravekeeper) XX
Match 1 - He started, I had 1 Hurricane and 4 monsters, and he used Royal Tribute. Managed to put up a fight for awhile as I managed to draw into Soldier, but still couldnt get back the advantage lost in the end... (Used Hurricane and he had God D, which meant I couldnt use my Monster Reborn. How to play...)
Match 2 - I started, and had pure monster hand (Magic Trap all hiding from GK???), though it was the Triple Bureido monsters kinda hand. My first Bureido got hit by Veiler.... Then I had to end, and he even had Cydra to clear my Bureido with Chimeratech Fortress, and Valley with Descendant to deal 4k damage with 2 backrow. On my turn, drew more monster, so I summoned Gearframe! To get hit by Divine Warning.... Discarded my other monsters to revive Fortress!! To get hit by Bottomless... Yup, scrubbed... Luck factor was too strong there.......

3rd and 4th placing Round: Bixuan (Grave BF) OO
-> We had already managed to settle on prizes, but I wanted to fight it through for my pride! As well as to put up the results on the blog
Match 1 - He had less then 1k lp left after I used 2 Bureidos and 1 Ninja to chop. Ninja brought back Dog, and I had full hand advantage. Won~
Match 2 - More triple Bureido flood is awesome~~~

So yup, won 3rd and got a Formula Synchron for myself. Did not bad if I say so myself, guess I've still got the stuff~ :) Just not very happy that my first matchup with GK ended off so badly... Must get my revenge!!!


  1. Giio
    Great bro...!!
    bad matchp again GK's
    terrible hand for real :/

  2. sorry,i dont understand the translations here.....may i know whats God D and Landos please? =D

  3. God Declaration is Solemn Judgment
    Landos is Naturia Landoise