Monday, March 14, 2011

[Results] 2011 Singapore Asia Championship qualifier

Hi guys... Yup, as Baha said, we were judging at the event. Finally home and resting up after a super long day now at 12.30am. So honestly just very tired to put up photos and stuff, will find time to do it tomorrow.

Meanwhile this is just a quick post for the top 8, more info will be given tomorrow.

Using 2010 Sept Format

Champion - Soh Jun Yuan aka Jeff (BF)
1st Runner Up - Bryan Tew (BF)
2nd Runner Up - Ng Jing Heng Shelton (Six Samurai)
4th Place - Milton Chua (BF)
5th to 8th (In no particular order)
Yong Qian Rui (BF)
Mo Hong Rui (Six Samurai)
Phua Seto (Junk Doppel)
Foo Chen Hong Clarence (Six Samurai)

Hope thats enough for now, seriously tired out, gotta get some rest for work tomorrow...


  1. kind of decks in top8?

  2. Ah sorry, i had them inside but it didnt display properly. You should have no issues seeing them now.

  3. blackfeathers? i thought that deck was dead

  4. BF is loved too much to die!
    Would love to see the Junk Doppel deck that topped. Good job with the cover!

  5. @anonymous = they use september 2010 banlist. so they have 3 kaluts and 3 icarus.