Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lunar New Year Greetings~

Hi guys, and happy Chinese New Year for the chinese readers~

Its the usual lull period again for us, since the new pack is not out yet, combined together with waiting for the updated ban list. Double the wait = double the lull, boring stuff. You can however expect to see the coverage on the new packs and banlist once its in, so keep a lookout for here~

While we are waiting, lets talk about the TG archetype, and 1 particular card that caught my eye. Tech Genus will sadly be an archetype which will probably not see any more releases beyond this pack, since the character has had very few appearances, and almost everything he used is already announced in the spoiler (Still waiting for my gear zombie!!), so you will have to build the deck knowing that it will probably never advance much further. On the good hand though, everything you need, from m/t support, to good basics, to its boss monsters are all already in this pack.

A good idea to build the deck would be using Catapult Dragon, and Junk Synchron! That would give you access to Wonder Magician / Hyper Librarian, and you can quickly do your multiple synchros, leading to either your Blade Gunner, or probably a deck using synchro rushes.

The strongest card for TG however, would be TG1-EM1! Trap based force rotation, and especially the choice of selecting any monster you want is a dream come true. This card would let you steal those pesky monsters over from the opponent field just as they declare attack/use them for Synchro/setup for big plays. Giving a monster that you revived for free through Junk Synchro is total love. You can even steal boss monsters over and totally turn the game in your favour.

1. Stealing Krystia from an Agent Valhalla deck? Ownage
2. Stealing Scrap Dragon from a Scrap user? No more worrying about him reviving monsters, while you get to control his strongest monster
3. Stealing Shien from 65? Love~
4. Taking Dark Armed from your opponent when he tries to destroy that same TG monster? Point at opponent and laugh
5. Taking Hyper Librarian from your opponent just as he tries to summon a Formula out? Laugh out loud as you draw a card each. (Just try to give a tuner/2 star so that he doesnt carry on the spam)

Boss monsters are boss monsters for a reason. Turn those boss monsters against them, and gain control of the game instantly. Just make sure your opponent doesnt show you a Book of Moon.


  1. Based on the wording of EM1, I don't think Book will stop it. It's similar to scrapstorm/scrapsquall, which only requires you to select a face up monster and then plays through no matter what.

  2. Not true. You may refer to Brain Control's text to refer. Also similar to Scrap Squall, it doesnt play through no matter what, since the destruction of the Scrap monster will get interrupted.

  3. Ah ok. Well being in the US, I'm just trying to wait till May for this archetype :P.

  4. Not trying to rub it in, but I guess I was right about EM1. Hooray for the archetype and thanks for the rulings.