Saturday, January 29, 2011

[Deck] Grand Scrap Infinity

As requested, here is the new Scrap Infinity deck I have been using with not bad results

Deck Name: Grand Scrap Infinity

Monster [19]
[2] Cyber Dragon
[3] Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity
[3] Scrap Chimera
[2] Scrap Orthros
[2] Scrap Goblin
[1] Scrap Beast
[1] Scrap Shark
[1] Scrap Searcher
[1] Scrap Golem
[1] Card Gunner
[1] Summon Priest
[1] Tragodia

Magic [15]
[1] Monster Reborn
[3] Scrap Squall
[3] Scrap Area
[1] Mind Control
[2] Cyclone
[1] Cold Wave
[3] Book of Moon
[1] Foolish Burial

Trap [6]
[1] Call of Haunted
[1] Trap Dust Shoot
[1] Mind Crush
[2] Divine Warning
[1] Solemn Judgement

Some things I like about the new Scrap deck

1. Grannel summons are super easy!
No more setting Goblins and hoping for opponent to hit it to summon Grannel. Just Orthros and Shark all the way~ (2nd turn double Grannel and Dragon on the field while under Cold Wave is totally possible)

2. Faster grave setup
Even at 1 Golem, it goes to grave quickly, simply cause you can do moves such as summoning Chimera, SP Orthros to destroy Chimera, then Squall Golem to grave and take back Chimera. Same thing goes for getting Searcher in
(Even though old version of Beast and Squall gets you 2 Chimera in hand, it would make you run out of Scrap Dragons faster and provide you with no setup. Must faster IMO)

3. More cool moves to do (Which also sets up faster)
Old move - Summon Priest, sp Beast, Scrap Dragon synchro, finish
New Move - Summon Priest, SP Shark, SP Orthros and destroy Shark to throw Golem, Scrap Dragon synchro (Again, sets up that much better)

4. Fun ways to use the setup
Lastly with all the cool setup you have done, you can have alot more fun, especially now that you have Scrap Searcher inside doing work. Stuff like Golem + Goblin + Searcher = Tori is bullshit, especially when you used Orthros effect to take back Chimera and sp the Searcher. Or else, free bullets through Searcher lets you get Grannel out even that much faster!

The deck is getting even more stable to play, even though you see alot of 1 in the monster count area LOL, and even more fun to play as well, do try it out! (Will be playing this deck all the way till new pack is out, then time for some KKK spamming time)

Fun part is at the end @ about the 9 minute


  1. can you post a new version of this build with the new banlis?. i really like the idea of pure scrap.. Thx

  2. Can you please give an extra deck? I would love to know how you play with this deck with the given choices of synchros + if you reformat the deck to the current banlist as well. Please and thank you!

    ~Victor Tran - Sugar Land, Texas