Monday, December 13, 2010

Hong Kong 2010 Asia Plus Tournament


Reached HK at about 12 am, checked in hotel, sleep. Nothing Much


Changed to the Hotel where everyone else is staying, go around to look for Card Shop. Some last minute discussion about the deck and then Welcome Dinner in the evening. After the Dinner, Anson (2008 world HK representative) brought us to a card shop that was managed by his friend. Didn't buy much things, only sleeves, and random cards and lots of Puppet Plant.


Left for the Tourney venue at about 9 am. Idle around while we were introduced on stage and stuff. After that is a "Challenge the Asian Winners" side event where people queue up and try to get stamps when they defeat us. There 30 stamp slots and each time we win we get 2 stamps and if we lose we get one "lose" stamp. It was just one duel per challenger. I used Master Hyperion Kristia Deck.

My 4 loses were all from fighting Six Samurai =(

In the end, I get 22 points and traded for a Lost Sanctuary deck plus 3 STBL boosters and a Tournament pack. Need 12 Points per Structure Deck boo.
Then it was lunch time, followed by more idling and then the main Tournament.


Leader: Jeff @ BF
Member 1: Xiaomei @ Six Samurai
Member 2: Bahamut @ Debris Dandy

Match 1: Vs HK (Six Samurai)
1: He start first and set 3 cards. I use One for One and discard Dandy to get Bulb, draw twice from Formula and then used Caius on his face down which was Reckless Greed. I set Limit Reverse and Raigeki Break. On his turn he activate Gate, Summoned Kageki + Kagemusha, I used Raigeki Break on the Kagemusha which he chained with Trap Stun. He syncro Shien and proceeded to flood the field with 3 Kizan and Grandmaster. He declare to enter battle phase and I used Formula effect to tune into Colossal. On my turn I used Charge and milled a Dandy. I made an Armory Arm, equip it to Shien and did the loop.
2: He start first setting 2 cards again. I Set a Ryko and ended. He ended again and I flipped Ryko to destroy his face down which was a random trap card. I Summoned Card Trooper, hit with both. And then he ended his turn again. On my turn I mill dandy with Trooper, summoned Carrier tune into Splendid Rose, Special summon Sorceror and attack with all for game.
Personal Result: OO
Team Result: Both Lost

Match 2: Vs Taiwan/Money (2009 World Championship runner up)(Six Samurai)
1: I forgot what happened but I remembered clearing the board with Colossal that was formed from Caius and Formula, Sorceror and tuned it with a Carrier into Scrap Dragon. He top decked Enishi and bounced my Dragon. On my turn he bounced by Fighter and it was downhill. Top deck wins games.
2: I start with Ryko and Limit Reverse. He summoned Wanghu and attacked into Ryko and I milled Dandy. He set 2 cards. I Summoned Spirit Reaper and Direct attack. Next turn he set all his hand cards into the S/T zone. I forgot the chain of events here but I summoned Black Rose and he used Starlight Road. On the next turn I summoned Lonefire but he used Warning. I Summoned Sorceror and removed the stardust and he chained Bottomless. I discarded puppet plant and steal his Kagemusha but he used Sacred Spear on the Reaper. No choice but to tune into Arm. At this point I had Arm, 2 cards in hand vs his one gate with 2 counters. He drew Reinforcement, and got kizan and Searched Grandmaster which raped the Arm. On my turn I Vortex and set Dust Tornado. He summoned and I destroyed his gate. On the next turn he top deck another Monster reborn and another Gate which he drew the previous turn. FML
Personal Result: XX
Team Result: Both Won

Match 3: Vs Philippine/WSlasher (Six Samurai)
1: Can't remember but it was pretty one sided as I was leading in both card resources and Lifepoints.
2: He opened with Rivalry and I had an all monster hand that had no Ryko or anything that can destroy the backrow.
3: Pretty much the same as round 2 except this time round I had a Growup Bulb and Spore in my hand making matters worse.
Personal Result: OXX
Team Result: Both Won

Somehow we managed to squeeze into the 2nd place in our group and we get to fight the 2nd place of the other group to fight for the 3/4th placing. No more Six Samurai please!

Match 4: Vs Korea (BF)
1: I start with 3 Ryko, 2 Veiler and a Cold Wave. Nothing interesting but I was leading by a lot. 10000 LP + 7 cards vs his 1 hand.
2: He opened with Dustshoot, had Whirlwind, Crossout my Ryko and then followed by Devatation Virus. Totally stomped.
3: I only remember the last few turns where I just got hit by Devastation again. I topped Cyber Dragon. And then I topped Sorceror lol. I summoned Sorceror to remove his monster whatever that was. He Summoned Goyo and took my Sorceror. I drew another Sorceror and summoned the Cydra + Sorceror and cleared the board. Time was called but I was leading in lifepoint and he had 2300 left. Attacked with Sorc for game.
Personal Result: OXO
Team Result: Both Won

Final Result: 3rd!

Conclusion: This format is stupid. After entering the top 4, we don't even have the chance to fight for first and 2nd as the placing match were determined by the results of the round robin. Top of each group fights for 1st/2nd while the second place of each group fights for 3rd/4th placing.

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